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If you’re anything like me, the thought of having to scroll down through each blog to find the next one, is not too pleasant.

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So, I have created this page to make it easy for you to just browse through the titles below and then simply click onto the link, which is the underlined title on the right. You can easily see what each blog is about as a brief description of the subject is next to the title. 

Chronological order

The titles will be listed in order of posting, so each time a new one is written, it shall be added to the bottom of the list. Happy browsing. 



Titles  & Topics

1.  Are You Wary Of The Green Man?      My fear of crossing the road                    

2. Escaping From The Grave            My gardening catastrophes

3. I Don’t Like The Queen             My fear of wasps

4. Healthy Food Overload            Juicers

5. A Musical Tree-house           Amusing bus journeys

6. What Brings Out Self-Centeredness More Than Pain?        Jesus’ death 

7. Newsflash: Dead Men Walking         Jesus’ victory

8. Selling Your Body          A  prostitute’s experience

9. Me Nah Know           Bad customer service

10. All That Glitters        The fun of parenting

11. Regret             Bad parenting and neglect

12. A Message From Mary          A lady who encourages women

13. Get Out The Way!          Embarrassment at a wedding

14. Take Me As I Am           Understanding Austism

15. Deleted                            This blog has been deleted

16. Anxious About Anxious           Stressed Christians

17. Courageously Facing The Fireproof Flywheel      Great Christian films

18. She Sang Like A Lark     A good friend with a beautiful voice

19. What Is Love?     The real meaning of love

20. An Angel From Australia     Nervous breakdowns

21. Ooh, That’s A Big Boat!      Finland and friendships

22. First Kiss      The joys of giving birth

23. Little Things Are Gigantic To Me     Appreciation of kindness

24. Skinny Aint Happy     My only rant!

25. Burglary and Gang Rape       Overcoming burglary &  rape

26. Empty Womb, Empty Cot, Empty Arms     The  pain of  infertility & miscarriage

27. “I Murdered My Baby”      Abortion and God’s forgiveness

28. Mummy Abandoned Me At The Market      Parental rejection

29. Hug Your Teenage Boy      Family relationships

30. Happy Birthday Your Majesty     A celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

31. Stop Staring At Me      The pain of Huntingdon’s Disease

32. Someone for Everyone       A poem about a lady with special needs

33. Aged 6 And Very Lonely     Loneliness at school

34.  I Love Bingo     Stubbornness and humility

35. How To Look Absolutely Stunning      A review on wedding accessories

36. World Cup Woes      Learning to like football

37. Paranoid Parents       A laughable childhood memory

38. Why Am I Following My Own Blog?     My love of WordPress

39. Sweets On A Sunday      Being trapped in an orphanage

40. The Luckiest Parents In The World?     Roger Federer & his family

41. Money For Blessings?      False prophets & TV evangelists

42. You’re Not A Loser      A Sandi Patti song

43. No More Night, No More Pain    A song for the suffering

44. Rubble, Sticky Blood And Unspeakable Hatred    The atrocities of war

45. “Knock Knock, Ding Dong” Quick Hide, It’s The JW’s!      The sadness of religion

46. Caleb’s Dream       A young boy’s heart for peace

47. Bug Funeral         My daughter’s love for animals & bugs

48. Rainbow Loom Band Loopy     The latest jewellery craze

49. The Dog Returns      My daughter’s 9th birthday surprise

50. Great Quotes About Children      A lovely  quote by Dr. James Dobson

51. Goodbye Mr. Williams, We’re So Sorry        A lament over the death of Robin Williams

52. Feeling Miserable      Depression and relief from the Bible

53. Single Ladies Awaiting A Husband…    Encouragement for single Christian women

54. A Heart For Children: Adoption & Fostering     An adopted child’s feelings

55. Laughing At Myself         An awful photograph of myself

56. Are ‘Jesus Is My Boyfriend’ Songs Cool?    A review on contemporary Christian music

57. Arachno…agh! Where Did It Go?      Spiders

58. Inspired By Victor Meldrew       A funny poem

59. Pigmy Bananas       Bad childhood memories turning to laughter

60. The Human Packhorse      What to do with our burdens

61. Deception Doesn’t Work      The importance of not lying to my kids

62. My Daughter’s so Brave       A bumble bee on my daughter’s leg

63. Forgiving The Past      Parents are only human

64. Four Dead Daughters, But A Song In The Heart      The Horatio Spafford Story

65. Monday Morning At Satan’s Abode      A  drama sketch based on a recent incident

66. Nothing In My Hand     Worship in times of desolation

67. The Lovely Linda      Celebrity Linda Bellingham’ s  death

68. Busyness Vs. Relationships      A Re-blog about relationships

69. Something Pretty        A review on a wedding card I purchased

70. Facebook Ruined My Life, Now They Must Pay      A re-blog about childhood memories

71. Take Time To Stop And Smell The Flowers       A re-blog about a handmade card

72. Anyway       A word of wisdom from Mother Theresa

73. Children: Precious In His Sight      Child abuse

74. But How Do I Pray? What Do I Say?     A prayer for those wanting God

75. Frowns And Fringes     The importance of good parenting

76. Another Great Quote       From Dr. James Dobson

77. What’s In A Name?      A Re-blog about Cancer

78. Terrified Of Church?       The importance of loving strangers

79. Wounds Like No Other       A reminder of what Jesus did for us

80. Tingles?        The ASMR craze

81. Thank you         A fresh appreciation for the crucifixion

82. Chalk ‘N’ Cheese          My husband and I are opposites

83. Choices         My favourite song about Jesus

84. Forgiving Eve        Accepting responsibility for our actions

85. Christmas Regret          A drama sketch about the importance of relationships

 86. Relationships         A prayer for the lonely

87. Moody Mother        My encounter with a rude woman

88. Christmas Shoes         Sadness at Christmas

89. An Open Letter To Gina Ford…     A Re-blog about parental guilt

90. Slippy Feet       Frolics in the snow

91. The Reunion – What Do You Think?      The false impressions we try to make

92. Forgive? Aw God, Do I Ave Ta?      Learning to forgive

93. Christmas in February?        Over-spending on groceries

94. The Thing We Fear Most?      Being joyful during the hard times

95. Defeated      Having songs of victory when verbally attacked

96. Fishin’ in the dark      A Re-blog about child sexual abuse

97. Promise Not To Tell       Another re-blog about child sexual abuse

98. What’s In That Cupboard?      Letting God deal with our imperfections

99. A Terrible Habit       It’s about my worst habit

100. The Unfortunate Frog      My favourite sin analogy

101. The Greedy Polar Bear      My second favourite sin analogy

102. The Floundering Coconut     My hilarious attempt at trying to fit into my culture

103. I Want My Daddy      Relating to God as daddy

104. Sunday Wounds        A different perspective on Mother’s Day

105. Yo, Sista!       Trying to adapt to my culture

106. Come Play With Me     The importance of valuing children

107. Lightening Flashes From The Heights   The USA president’s blasphemy

108. Black Bubbles     Being unaware of our sinful state

109. Wiser Words From Wiser Men     The founding fathers of America

110 Well Done You!     Encouragement for the triers

111. My Mouth      I need more self-control

112. Life Inside A Tortoise Shell      God accepts us for who we are

113. The Mystery Of The Penniless Boy    A miraculous encounter with a special needs boy

114. Longing For Paradise     Aspirations for Heaven

115. The Worst Thing About Blogging     Misunderstandings

116. Looking Into His Eyes     A lady who died of Cancer

117. In The Waiting     Learning patience

118. My Darkest Secret     An embarrassing secret of mine

119. The Demon Dog And The Big Ole Gob    (see revised post No.152)

120. Zumba Zumba Daddy    Loneliness in elderly people

121. Birthday Blues     Madeline McCann – child abduction

122. Pervert Or Provider?       The child sex trade

123. DESPERATION        Turning to God in the hard times (Psalm 70)

124. Strength In Weakness     Turret’s Syndrome

125. Who’s Your Favourite Type Of Person?      (see revised post No. 151)

126. My Favourite Blog Of The Week      It’s a Re-blog   commemorating Father’s Day

127. Desperation Part Two        It’s about Psalm 64 – learning to trust in God

128 Who’s Hungry?    Pictures of yummy desserts

129. The Ghost Family     It’s about a family photo being ‘defaced’

130. The Lost Summer      Our awful British summer

131. Gratefulness And A Happy Heart     Overcoming depression 

132. King’s Ransom: Saving Lives, Reviving Hope      A heart for the poor

133. Leave Your Home And Travel With Me     A bird’s eye view of poverty 

134. A Sea Full Of Orange      Syrian refugees being naughty

135. Who’s Got Brokeback Mountain?    It’s about hypocrisy

136. The Ghost Of Tottering Towers     Childhood fears

137. Something To Calm Me Down       Overcoming anger

138. The Health Benefits Of Jam       Learning to enjoy life more

139. A Little Bit Of Something You Love       Enjoying food

140. Why It’s Good To Eat Jam      How to deal with jealousy, offence and anger

141. There’s Food On My Gadgets      Being thankful for fun

142. Swollen River         Trusting God in the hard times

143. Tuxedos For Planting Flowers?        Learning to be a better listener

144. Michael Jackson Re-born?       Musing at a  misunderstanding

145. Flowers ‘n Cake No. 1      My love of flower photography

146. Flowers’ n Cake No.2      A pretty flower photo

147. Cutting It Fine     Making a fool of myself

148. Don’t Give Up     Encouragement for the weary

149. The Laughing Man     My awful dancing

150. Uptown Funky Like A Monkey     Trying to be a cool dancer

151. Who’s Your Favourite Type Of Person?     The underdog

152. The Demon Dog And My Big Ole Gob      Talking too much (and embarrassing my husband)

153. Secret Revealed..Finally!     My darkest secret revealed  

154. Bragging Rights?              Boasting on social media

155. I’m Not Good Enough     For those who think God hates them

156. The Height Of Pleasure        For those addicted to porn & sex toys

157. Women Who I Admire        Anorexia, Cancer and obedience

158. A Pocketful Of Titles        A selection of my blogs and topics

159. No Pointing Fingers          The heart behind my blogs

160. The Best Kind Of Beauty     Part Two of ‘Women I Admire’

161. The Soap Butcher      My daughter up to mischief

162. Identity/Torment Of Anorexia     A re-blog about overcoming Anorexia

163. One Morning In June                    A heavenly dream

164. Ripped Jeans At My Age?            Growing old gracefully

165. The Wog Needs To Blog!               The joys of blogging

166. The Bait Of Satan                        Dealing with offence and changing churches

167. Such A Happy Life                      The importance of telling the good news properly

168. How To Not Scream At Your Keyboard   A copy of this list

169. Women I Admire: Part 3          A Re:blog about a lady with Cancer

170. Treading On Egg Shells           The fickle side of relationships

171. CD review – Garment Of Praise                Worship Cd review

172. Too Good for Kittens, Better As Mittens         Review on a fancy knitter

173. No Confusion About Love             God’s message is so simple

174. A Mindful Of Food                     Mindfulness

175. Trust God And Stop Trumping         How to have peace RE: USA politics

176. Social Awkwardness…During Communion           A fun look at church ethics

177. The Postman Knocks                                  Learning to listen to God’s voice

178. A Vocal Coach Like No Other                       God’s love for the prodigal

179. On Behalf Of Another                           Social anxiety & loneliness at school

180. Adore Then Ignore                   The battle in worship

181. Sad Regrets                             Loneliness at school

182. Worth The Wait                          Trusting God in the silence

183. Godly Is Sexy                           A Re-blog about what what m

184. Jesus, Jaggery, Juicing & Jogging            The 4 J’s in my life that have blessed my health

185. The Loveliest Sound                      Wonders of nature

186. Promise Yourself                          A self-improvement quote

187. Can You Come Down?                  Intimacy with God

188. 3 Wives & 1 Husband                   Admiring true love

189. The Psychology of flowers          The joy they bring

190. Don’t Give Up!                             Encouragement

191. Humans Have Necks                 Childhood memoirs

192. The Promise                               Hoping in God

193. NASA Knows Nothing             The greatness of God

194. Missing The Miracles              We’ve made God too small


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