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About Me

I love  encouraging people, especially those who are feeling lonely or have lost hope. I also love reading other people’s blogs, especially if they make me laugh like a hyena or cry like a baby. I live in the north of England with my precious husband, Anwar and young daughter, Sarah, who adores animals of all kinds.

My passion is flowers – I just love them.


I’m also quite keen on stuff like this:


Despite my taste for chocolate, I always prefer to cheer myself up with beautiful blooms because, well they last longer for a start. And I can share them out by placing the smaller ones in a little glass jar for Sarah’s bedroom.

I also love cooking and baking.  Cake decorating is also great fun, and although I have managed to produce results like this:


I have also ended up giving away a plate of this:

                            Sorry, I can’t find the picture, but you wouldn’t have recognised it as something consumable anyway

My foodie-goal is to be able to make delicious, drippy ice-cream, but I haven’t the time to get into that at the moment because I’m sat here blog, blog blogging.

Character-wise I’m usually sensible, apart from times when I have the compulsion to do things like this:


But there’s nothing to worry about because my husband’s quite sane:

DSCF0547And so is my daughter:


We live in the heart of Yorkshire with our poser cat, Harry:


and where people say, “Bear-beh” instead of baby, “Mom-meh” instead of mummy, “Assk” instead of ask, and “Munneh”  instead of money.

My ethnic background is Carribbean and here are my lovely parents:

photo(17)My mother comes from Trinidad which is just above Venezuela, and my Dad comes from St. Vincent which is a tiny dot on any size map, like:


Apart from doing ‘this’, my main style of writing is in the form of drama sketches for young people and rhyming poetry. So you will find various pieces of prose scattered around my site when I feel it is appropriate.

Thank you for browsing – you are welcome to post comments, in fact, I  demand that you do!

Oh, and one small request…

All you crafters, florists and cake decorators, will you please stop by to say ‘hello’,  so I can find your pages easily and delight in all your creative expertise. Thanks.  (LINK: (Here’s my list of titles:)

Sharon  Alison -x-

me as a toddler

Please note that there may be ads at the bottom of this blog. They are NOT authorised by me and I’ve noticed some not so nice ones. They can be distracting I know, and I’d like nothing better than to have them removed. And I can…for a fee. In the meantime, please ignore them. They have been put on by the WordPress bigwigs because that’s how they gain money from a site that most of us don’t pay for. But I LOVE WordPress and have only nice things to say about them. I guess they’ve got to make a profit somehow. Thanks for your understanding.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sharon — Charlotte here from The Introvert’s Dictionary. I just accidentally deleted your comment (no idea how — suddenly there was a flashing red bar and yikes — gone!) Obviously did not mean to do that and was just in the middle of typing a compliment about your blog and how lovely it is. Sorry about that and hope to see you again in the blogosphere!


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