Have you ever heard of a re:reblog? This is a third-hand post, because the lovely Jeanne Takenaka posted this on her site, but it is written by somebody else. But I love it so much and feel that you will too, that I simply had to ‘reblog the reblog.’

I think the whole ‘prophesies are conditional’ comment that pastors often make, have me feeling that I must DO SOMETHING to help make those precious promises come to pass and I often feel I’ve missed the promise because I am not doing enough.

So it’s articles like these that help give me peace again, by realising that if I’m daily communing with God and studying the word as much as I can, he will guide me to ‘do the doing’and ‘do the stepping out in faith’ when the time is right.

Be blessed!

Jeanne Takenaka

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I’m so excited to share a little from Jennifer Dukes Lee today! I recently read her newest book, It’s All Under Control, and it has ministered to my heart. Jennifer has a way of speaking real, and being encouraging. A combination I love.

I am traveling today, but I plan to check in and comment and visit as I’m able to this week. Thanks for your patience!

Please welcome—Jennifer Dukes Lee


This is the waiting room. Welcome. You know this place, don’t you? When we are in the waiting room, we eventually have to make this choice: We can either distance ourselves from God or we can trust him in the wait.

This truth became so evident to me over the last three years, a season when I’ve logged many hours in waiting rooms—literal ones. Waiting for a friend when she had a cancerous…

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