I love this blog. Not just because Stephen and Fionnuala come from the country with the best accent, (South Africa comes a close second) but because they are always so honest and direct about their faith and struggles that come with trying to live their lives for Jesus.

This post is funny, but oh so sad at the same time. But the one thing that stands out is that deep down, we are all the same. We all have silent insecurities and concerns that raise their ugly head when we feel other humans are rejecting us or blatantly stating they do not like us. It is hard to admit that this bothers us – but it does.

I would sit next to Stephen. Getting a seat on a train is like catching gold dust in the wind. Who cares if the person next to me is a raving lunatic? One can always close one’s eyes and pretend to be in a deep sleep. Doesn’t always work though – one day that trick backfired on me, but I’m not telling you that story as there’s a better one here below. Enjoy.

Fractured Faith Blog

The 17:00 express train from central Belfast to Portadown is normally packed. As in standing room only. Even sardines would find it a tad oppressive. If you have issues with personal space or spending 25 minutes with your face crammed into a stranger’s armpit then I suggest you avoid it. This is the less than perfect environment where I do a lot of my writing. I bet Tolkien didn’t have these problems.

Yesterday started like any other commute home. Having battled my way onto the carriage I was prepared for the usual torturous experience but, lo and behold, there in front of me were not one, but two, empty seats. Displaying an acceleration that Usain Bolt would have been proud of, I lurched forward in order to secure one of them. I felt like Charlie when he opened the wrapper to find the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory..


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