Hello everyone,
I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to Linda. Her stories are so visual and always end with a beautiful analogy. On top of that, from the posts I have read, it seems she draws all her pictures, which are always so cute! A very talented lady with a fantastic flair for getting the point across in such an interesting way. What a blessing to stumble across such an interesting blog!

Amazing God Stories


She sighed with satisfaction as she put down her scissors. Finished! It had taken awhile but the hand quilted comforter was finally finished. And just in time for her friend’s birthday. She imagined how cozy her friend would feel cuddled up in the large softly padded blanket. She didn’t usually make such an elaborate gift for birthdays, but this friend was special, as was this birthday.

She lovingly folded the comforter and tied it with a pretty red ribbon, then placed it carefully in a large gift bag. She couldn’t wait to see her friend’s face when she gave it to her in a few days.

She spent the next few days packing for her move out of state. Each time she passed the bag, sitting on the small table near the front door, new images formed in her mind…

…her friend, sitting on the couch, reading a good book…

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