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Sometimes, when looking for a post to re:blog and an author to promote, I find somebody with too many excellent posts to choose from.

Meet Anelise. I met this lovely lady over on my other blog about depression.

But I have a dilemma. I cannot simply re:blog her, as all her posts are touching and I would like you to see more than one.

She loves God and calls herself a Christian, because she is. However, she has had the unfortunate experience of being ostracized and treated with contempt by other ‘siblings in Christ’, because they deem depression to be something that only affects non-believers – something that only affects those possessed by demons – something that should never affect a born-again, bible believing, Jesus worshipping, salvation-thankful, child of God.

This no doubt, makes her depression worse, just like anyone would be in more pain should someone stab them in the chest with a sharp knife during a bout of heartburn.

She is overcoming slowly and God is helping her to learn forgiveness and grace towards those who dig the knife in while holding a bible in the other hand.

Here are links to two of her blogs that highlight how she is learning to live with the ‘Christians don’t get mental illness unless they are not really saved’ stigma and learning to beat her condition with the help of her Saviour, Jesus.

a loaded question.

we need to talk about IT.