This isn’t a blog at all, but a silly play-around by me, who has only just decided to listen to WordPress and start using the ‘new’ functions. Being a stickler for sticking with what I’m comfortable with, I have always typed my posts on the old format WP Admin screen because I like it and I know what I am doing.

Please ignore this blog post. The only reason I am pressing the 'Publish' button is to see what all the features look like live and to help anybody who is like me and did not know they had access to these formats. 

  • However, I suspect I’m the only silly one who was unaware.

To choose a block. This is what the heading block looks like.

But the verse one looks like this.
And this. No difference really to the ordinary text. I wonder what it is used for?

However, the list one looks like this:

And this

And this.

To get rid of it, simply

click on the paragraph one and it will give you a new line.

so the quote one looks like this, so you can differentiate between the types of texts.



I am not sure what I am doing, but I think this is a pull quote. But it should be at the side. i notice it is all in capitals.

How I change from one to the other, I am not sure. It seems as if one must first type the first letter. This is the preformatted one. Rather boring don't you think?

What I really want to do is go back to the normal settings.

Not quite sure how to do that. I clicked on Document up on the right there.

Now I am excited! Because I have just noticed the very thing that I really wanted, which is the drop cap function. Wow! I didn’t know that I could have this just being a plebby old non-paying blogger!

My favourites are the Drop Cap one and the verse one.

By clicking outside of the box, you can then click onto Document to carry on typing normally. But I must finish with a fancy quote:

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who bring good news! (Isaiah somewhere)


And I clicked out of the box again to carry on typing as normal.