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Meet Kelsey.
Amongst many accomplishments, this sporty lady is a successful journalist and author and although I’ve only just ‘met’ her myself, I was blown away by her post below because it is so real. I could easily visualize her cute little girl standing in the middle of the room with a scarf dangling from her tiny foot, desperate for somebody to notice. It reminded me very much of the little girl in my post Dance Classes, but I am not here to promote that – but hers below. In fact, that’s what it is all about: how we stand there with an accomplishment, wanting others to see it and give us the due praise, forgetting that we are only instruments in God’s hands. Blogging is a typical pursuit that can have us falling into that trap, especially if we are disappointed over how few LIKEs we have received or if we don’t get any sweet comments. So I hope this fantastic article encourages you, like it did me. Please check out her other posts when you have the time. I, for certain, cannot wait to read more! Enjoy.


Kelsey Gillespy

One of my greatest joys is cheering for my kids when they do something amazing.

Amazing being a relative word, of course.

It could be writing a lower case ‘g’ in the lines properly. Or swinging from the monkey bars. Or hopping around the room on one leg.

Amazing can quite literally mean anything.

Just last week, my almost-five-year-old daughter was in gymnastics class, and for some reason, they started juggling scarves. After a series of “tricks,” the coach asked them to toss a scarf into the air and try to catch it with their foot.

Well, let me tell you, my daughter is determined to a fault. Even with something as arbitrary and trivial as catching scarves on her feet. (She gets it from her momma.)

So for a moment, she stood there, her brow furrowed in complete concentration as brightly-colored patches of fabric floated around her through the…

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