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Meet Mia.
Mia is a Texan lass who was born in New Zealand. I met her on my other blog (see Homepage) and she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Now, I am fussy about poetry, not out of arrogance, but because I have a very short attention span and if it doesn’t grab me within the first 3 sentences, my brain is away with the fairies. But even though this poem is quite lengthy, it is so cleverly put together, and so full of loving truth that one just can’t help reading right on till the end. I encourage you to pop onto her site and read some of her other posts too. She is an amazing lady and I count it a privilege to have met her here on WordPress. Enjoy!

Called to be a Writer

We claim it’s just a need or habit that’s ingrained,
When we give in to our passions,
Or binge shop the latest fashions.limousine-601462__480
With media pressure, can we really be blamed?

We’re told material possessions show our worth.
New cars, big houses, latest phones,
Best technology in our homes,
We buy to keep up with the Joneses, then feign mirth.

cheerleaders-654359__480We’re taught beauty is what we see on the outside,
Where skinny should be our desire,
And tall men are who we admire,
We seek wrinkle-free skin, and want teeth straight and white.

We’re conditioned to follow societal norms,
Sex with anyone is okay,
“Ev’ryone’s doing it,” they say.
We cuss and take God’s Name in vain, ’cause it conforms.

It’s all about us, living easy and pain-free.
“God doesn’t see or care,” we gripe,
Then we fall for the latest hype,
“I deserve it” and “I’m doing what’s best…

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