Dance Classes

Hello folks,
The post below is a re-blog from ‘Moving The Furniture’ – based on a true story about a cute little 4 year old who got stage fright. I hope you enjoy it. xx

Moving The Furniture

dance classes

She stood in the middle of the stage, head down, staring at the pom-pom that had landed by her nimble toes when her baton had slipped from her hand. The pom-pom was not the fluffy, woollen type, but made of the glitzy tinsel that cheerleaders use.

dance classes

It lay limp on the floor, although on many occasions it had dazzled in her hands during numerous rehearsals.

Two small feet stood rooted to the spot while others rose into the air landing in a hop. Two arms that wanted to fly upwards in a gallant wave, flopped redundantly as the arms of nineteen other infants flew high, sending shiny strips of tinsel towards the spotlights above. Two eyes glistened with moisture as tears were fought back – embarrassment, fear and confusion all mixed into one as it now seemed too late to catch up with the rest.

She remained motionless as the…

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