Facebook Falseness

You’re all special people with very important lives – no-one is mediocre, but sometimes the things we read on social media can fool us into thinking we are.

Moving The Furniture

facebook falseness

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Facebook posts were more real?

Can you imagine what it would be like if people’s posts on Facebook were less false and superficial and more honest?

“Look at this super steak I’m eating!” (“Most of it’s stuck in my teeth and the mushrooms are giving me wind.”)

“My intelligent son passed his chemistry exam!” (“He failed biology, History, Maths & German”)

“This is my cute kitten. don’t I have the most fluffy and adorable pet?” (It threw up all over the kitchen floor this morning and has really bad breath.”)

Here’s a picture of me and my bestie. (She still hasn’t given me back those stilettos I lent her 5 months ago. Cow.”)

“Night night everyone.” (Yes I’m that lonely that I have to log on here to let you know I’m going to sleep.”

“Look I’m at the airport!” (There’s thousands of people here…

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