Some believe in God after an enlightenment while being an Atheist, some don’t. Some reject Christianity after experiencing shocking behaviour from those claiming to follow Jesus, some don’t. 

The thing that is very noticeable on WordPress is that people have strong feelings that need to be expressed. They have experiences they wish to share for various reasons: to educate, to comfort, to encourage, to enlighten…

We Christians are never going to convince anyone of anything – it is God’s job to work on hearts. However, if you believe you have been called to speak out for Jesus, then continue to do so without intimidation. But do it with love, grace, humility and in the strength of the Holy Spirit, not yours. We are all opinionated.

Love the one who opposes you, contradicts you, mocks you, critisizes you and even hates you.

Atheists have their own reasons for why they feel what they feel and think what they think. Don’t be mad at them. If you are, then you are no better than a radical Muslim who wants to blow you off the face of the earth for having opposing views.

This platform is for everybody: If God has really anointed you, called you, spoken to you, assigned you, then do your best for him with a heart of love and pray for those who you believe are destined for Hell.

They need our prayers, not our anger.