comedies and columbo

Television as we all know, can be such a load of rubbish. Not having a recordable DVD player or that weird thing where you can freeze your programme in order to catch up later, we often fall into the trap of channel-flicking. 

I’m sure you’ll agree with the fact that this is irritating especially when you’ve gone so far up the channels, that you’ve landed on Al Jazeera, Gay Rabbit or the “Do you want to buy a Karcher Pressure Washer?” boys.

Like a child, I don’t like having too much choice, so I’m so glad we don’t have Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other 101 entertainment offers that successfully lure people away from their bibles.

But when my husband, daughter and I just want to snuggle down and watch something fun, comedies & Columbo are what keep us laughing till the early hours of the morning.

I don’t mean that we watch them for that long – we just keep remembering the quips and funny moments and collapse into giggles.

It’s good to laugh!

Life has enough seriousness of it’s own.

Some comedies, although hilarious, are purposefully not added to our collection because they are either blatantly sexual (Big Bang Theory, My Wife & Kids) subtly anti-God (Friends, Big Bang Theory) or just plain rude (The Extras, Derek, The Office). Interestingly, Ricky Gervais is the author and main actor in the latter 3.

So we stick to the old, non-cheesy, non-corny classics:

Only Fools & Horses

One Foot In The Grave


The Good Life

Rising Damp

Fawlty Towers

Ever Decreasing Circles

No american ones among that lot but we make up for it with our lovely little squinty-eye friend, Lieutenant Columbo.

Ah, we so love his tatty mackintosh, his battered car, his miserable basset-hound, his stinky cigars, his invisible wife, his apparent forgetfulness and his cunning discernment.

Who else likes any of the comedies above of our disheveled detective?

Let me know what makes you laugh.

*(I would have gladly added Steptoe & Son to the list, but if I bring that into the house, my husband would dismember my every limb)