Comedies And Columbo

comedies and columbo

Television as we all know, can be such a load of rubbish. Not having a recordable DVD player or that weird thing where you can freeze your programme in order to catch up later, we often fall into the trap of channel-flicking. 

I’m sure you’ll agree with the fact that this is irritating especially when you’ve gone so far up the channels, that you’ve landed on Al Jazeera, Gay Rabbit or the “Do you want to buy a Karcher Pressure Washer?” boys.

Like a child, I don’t like having too much choice, so I’m so glad we don’t have Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other 101 entertainment offers that successfully lure people away from their bibles.

But when my husband, daughter and I just want to snuggle down and watch something fun, comedies & Columbo are what keep us laughing till the early hours of the morning.

I don’t mean that we watch them for that long – we just keep remembering the quips and funny moments and collapse into giggles.

It’s good to laugh!

Life has enough seriousness of it’s own.

Some comedies, although hilarious, are purposefully not added to our collection because they are either blatantly sexual (Big Bang Theory, My Wife & Kids) subtly anti-God (Friends, Big Bang Theory) or just plain rude (The Extras, Derek, The Office). Interestingly, Ricky Gervais is the author and main actor in the latter 3.

So we stick to the old, non-cheesy, non-corny classics:

Only Fools & Horses

One Foot In The Grave


The Good Life

Rising Damp

Fawlty Towers

Ever Decreasing Circles

No american ones among that lot but we make up for it with our lovely little squinty-eye friend, Lieutenant Columbo.

Ah, we so love his tatty mackintosh, his battered car, his miserable basset-hound, his stinky cigars, his invisible wife, his apparent forgetfulness and his cunning discernment.

Who else likes any of the comedies above of our disheveled detective?

Let me know what makes you laugh.

*(I would have gladly added Steptoe & Son to the list, but if I bring that into the house, my husband would dismember my every limb)


15 thoughts on “Comedies And Columbo

    • Ha ha! Isn’t there just something about libraries that are real special? I would cry if they closed ours down. The government are trying to close as many as possible. So sad. I must admit that I do love the cooking programmes, cooking competitions, gardening ones and house-buying ones – there are many of those and it’s fun to work out which property the couple will settle on. But on a Friday night, my husband and daughter do not want to watch any of those 🙂 Which were your favourite British comedies?


  1. Even just reading this made me smile! Like you, we all love the oldies and we don’t really allow a free reign of the telly. My 2 love Fawlty Towers especially but have also fallen in love with Father Ted, which I know wouldn’t be considered suitable viewing for some younger kids – but then I compare this with the other stuff most other kids are watching…! They also adore the Blackadders which I am not that keen on them watching because they are more than a little risque. Still, I grew up on Carry On’s and that never did me no harm 😉

    American ones – they also love Frasier, which surprises me. But best of all is ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Abolute joy. So very very clever and well written. Not at all risque or even remotely fruity. Do try and get some. There is SO much truth in this series and we know every single episode. I even had a t shirt especially printed for me… dear oh dear. Proper fan! x

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    • Ooh, thanks for the tip. I don’t think I’ve ever watched that. It’s nice to get some recommendations. I struggled with F.Towers for years coz I hate bad custoner service and took it too seriously… but Anwar’s guffaws made me interested. Can’t believe they only ever made 12 episodes…like, it’s on all the time. Is the Raymond one showing at the mo?


      • When I was little – Basil Fawlty used to upset me a bit too! But I grew to love him and the bit of Basil that is in us all – I even ended up marrying him (so everyone tells me…!) As for Raymond – yes! Every week day on Channel 4+ on Freeview. The series runs from the family when the twins were babies till them being about 8 – it is always nice to start with the older ones first and to see how the characters (don’t) develop – in the true art of the sitcom – but tbh you can watch one any stage in the game and just laugh and laugh…. we ALWAYS put an episode on if we are feeling glum


  2. Oh – and Radio 4 is brilliant too. ‘Just a Minute’ is an absolute classic that the kids love – and you get to build word skills at the same time. My lot also love ‘Dead Ringers’ – which is the best going, if you like impersonations and a bit of politics. I am pretty sure that both of those are fine for ‘smaller ears’ and any dodgy bits will go over their heads (as with Dad’s Army and Porridge jokes) – You can get both of those on BBC Radio 4 ‘listen again’ on the good ol’ t’internet…


    • Ah, good ole Radio 4! It’s one of those things I feel deprived of. Every time someone mentions Radio 4, I feel I’ve missed out on tons. Never get the time to listen to it. I went through a phase of listening to Steptoe & Son and because it was adapted for listeners, it was funnier as they had to make it more ‘visual’. I then went and watched the same episodes on YouTube and although just as funny, slightly different. That Dead Ringers sounds a laugh.


      • Heyyyyy – this must be your American one then! Yes, I probably sound like a misery-guts on BBT, but I think it’s ’cause of two things. 1) It reminds me so much of ‘Friends’ and the phenomena with all of that when I was much younger, so I feel myself getting all crabby and going ‘nah – been there, done that, bought the t shirt’ and 2) the Aspie jokey side – I do a lot of work challenging the stereotypes of Aspergers, so I just want to yell at the script writers ‘noooooo!!! Do it THIS way instead!’ I am such a saddo.

        As a complete aside, my friend’s daughter got in trouble at school for being allowed to watch BBT. Turned out a lot of 7 yr olds were watching it and were talking about ‘sex’ rather a lot, after the episodes! The headteacher (at a church of england school) had to speak to parents. Can’t say that i’d noticed a right lot of that, but after this happened, I warned my two that it’d be best not to mention that they know rather a lot about Father Ted. 🙂


      • Case in point! It is sooo sexual! We’re are opposites on the other point as the ONLY thing I like about it is the Asperger’s thing. Sheldon is great at that and it’s his quirkyness and obsessions that make it so funny to me. Plus I know an Aspie who loves him because they understand his manner. And yes, it is very much like Friends in some ways.

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      • I do think that the aspie side of the show will have done wonders to raise awareness – both amongst those who don’t know about the issues, as well as aspies who need to feel good about themselves. I should try and experiment and show my daughter ‘Friends’ and see if she prefers it. It’s good fun, isn’t it – sharing things from your own ‘entertainment past’ with the younger ones.
        Oooh – I’ll go and get me blue rinse on, then, xxx


  3. PS – all the kids are into ‘The Big Bang Theory’. But I really hate it. I always turn it off and I am not quite sure why. the writing is quite clever but for me it is too formulaic and repetitive. Unlike a classic like ‘Cheers’ which is still a rare American jewel, as far as I am concerned…


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