abuse pain

Do we realise how many people on WordPress are suffering from depression, loneliness, PTSD, anxiety and frequent nightmares?

How can a Christian tell the traumatised that God really loves them?

That he wants to help them?

Even though that is true, it’s quite understandable when a thought comes back:

“Well if he loves me, why did he let those horrendous things happen to me as a child?”

“Why did he not stop the abuser when I cried out for help?”

“How can he let an innocent toddler be treated worse than a wild animal?”

“Why was my abuser never brought to justice?”

“So when will he takes the nightmares away?”

“Why has he not healed my PTSD, insecurity, flashbacks and fear?”

We have to admit that “God cares.” phrases although meant well, can wound the wounded so bad. Put ourselves in their shoes for a moment. It digs the knife in deep knowing there’s a massive, loving God up there who “…just didn’t love enough for me.”

Emotional support, listening, encouragement and mostly prayer is needed for these precious lambs who have been violated at such a young age – often by the hand who was supposed to protect them.

Their minds and spirits have been so damaged by the things their precious lives suffered, that it cannot bear religious platitudes.

How does a grown woman who was degraded by her earthly father accept that there is a heavenly one who wants to have a relationship with her? And of course, many males have endured the same fate.

So please dear friends, let us put down our pens for a while and cry out to God for their comfort and healing. These delicate hearts need him like nothing else, but we have to admit that we don’t know how they will ever learn to trust him. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.

Glib words and bible verses aren’t necessarily going to help. They need our time in intercession. They desperately require us to stop what we are doing, cast our own cares aside and spend quality moments on ‘our knees’ on their behalf. Let the Holy Spirit do his marvellous regeneration work as we plead for these lost and broken souls.

People need the Lord in their lives because he makes an unspeakable difference but it sometimes starts with us standing in the gap. 

God has such an abundance of his compassion to pour out into our hearts as we trust him to use us to comfort someone else. 

It’s truly not by our own might, not by our own power but by his spirit. 

He’s waiting to heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. He’s looking around to see who’s pleading for the hurting.