light bites for your heart

The person with the highest Mensa score is an imbecile compared to the One who made his brain and gave him knowledge.

People say they don’t believe in miracles yet they are all around us. The construction and function of the human body is more than amazing. Conception is unfathomable. The way an oak tree grows and nature itself cannot be explained, not even by the most intelligent scientist. I am sure the largest discovered star to date, UY Scruti, is not even close to the size of the biggest one God has actually made. A few years ago we thought it was Canis Majoris and marvelled with Louis Giglio as he wonderfully presented his talk in the ‘How Great Is Our God’ conference.

How small we have made our Creator!

Just think that the sun’s raging blazes of 27 million degrees F are less than a warm blow of wind to the One who made it. He could knock it sideways with his little finger, yet no-one can get anywhere near it and never, ever will.

Forgive us Lord for making you so small. We are the minuscule ones – you are far too big for adjectives. Yet you love us still.