light bites for your ehart

He’s on the wall clad in leather or sports gear, trying to look sultry and cool. But if he doesn’t wash, he’ll stink, if he doesn’t eat, he’ll die and each day as he gets older, his body is decaying more and more.

She sexily pouts and narrows her eyes under false lashes and black gunk. If she doesn’t clean it off tonight, she’ll look like death and if she fails to brush her teeth, she’ll have foul breath.

No matter how stuffed, one day her breasts will sag, no matter the make-up, she’ll soon look like an old hag.

The same wood used to carve an idol is used to build the chair we sit our bottoms on.

The same animal we revere, poops on our shoe if we don’t move out the way.

Nothing and no-one is sacred.

Except God – who, whether we like it or not, is one with Jesus and loves Israel.

Just think, compared to what’s in the heavens, the skies, the depths of the ocean, NASA knows nothing.

No disrespect to their amazing intelligence, magnificent gadgets and tireless hard work, but they are ignoramuses compared to the realms we simply cannot touch, hear nor see.

That’s why it’s so preposterous for human beings to worship the sun, moon, stars, creatures and inanimate objects.

He made it all and they worship him.

“Praise him sun and moon, praise him all stars of light, praise him highest heavens. Let them praise the name of the Lord. For he commanded and they were created. He has also established them forever and ever. He has made a decree which shall not pass away.

Praise the Lord from the earth. Sea monsters and all deeps, lightning and hail, snow and fog, stormy wind, fulfilling his orders. Mountains and all hills. Fruitful trees and all cedars, beasts and all cattle, creeping things and winged birds, kings of the earth and all people. Princes and all judges of the earth. Both young people, old men and children. 

Let them praise the name of the Lord. For his name alone is exalted and supreme. His glory and majesty are above earth and heaven.” Psalm 148:3-13 Amplified Version.