3 wives and one husband channel 4

Whilst many women across the land narrowed their eyelids and poked their husbands in the ribs warning,

“You better not get any ideas. We are not going to Utah for our holidays!”

…I sat amazed at tonight’s Channel 4 documentary about polygamy amongst the fundamentalist Mormon community in America.

I know what ya’ll thinking. You think I’m gonna start harping on about unfairness and throwing bible verses around about how Mormons are desperately deceived.

Sorry to be unpredictable, but I actually came away from that T.V. tale really touched –

-touched by the capacity that humans have for love.

We often talk about the capacity humans can have for evil and we cringe at the latest report of mass murder and psychotic killing.

But what struck me incredibly was that some of the women portrayed on this show about polygamy were not playing up for the camera. When they said they genuinely loved their husband’s other wife, they meant it.

Naturally, as Christians, we believe that these Latter Day Lads have totally distorted God’s word and twisted many truths to suit themselves. To suit the men who can sleep with as many women as they wish and get a pat on the back for doing so.

But I was struck by a particular family where the husband had 2 wives and 17 children. Wife No.1 who had actually told her husband to get another one, was excited at the prospect of him considering marrying yet another and as he cavorted around the yard flirting with his new girlfriend, she smiled sweetly. Now the second wife was not happy about it at all and understandably so. He already gives them half of his time and takes turn sleeping with each wife, even if one of the children of the other is sick or lonely. Okay so the happy one was brought up in a plural family, so was used to the fact that dads and grandads had several women and a football team of children.

But as her ‘rival’ gave birth, she looked as if she would happily take her place and endure her pain if she could. She stroked her brow, not for the audience but because she loved her and accepted her as part of her extended family. The fact that her husband had had sex with this woman as often or more often than with herself was not an issue to her at all.

Of course we know it’s not natural and the human thing is to be resentful jealous, insecure and plain mad. But because she truly believes this is God’s will for their lives, she has made up her mind to accept the other women as her best friends.

And that’s why I marvel at the human capacity to love. If she can love the other women, who share her husbands time, money, attention and bed, then so can I love other folk who are not as much a threat to me as these women should be to her. Way to go lady.

Here’s a review of the show: