spending time with God

We’ve all heard those delightful stories about children asking their parents for something and God then using that situation to touch our hearts.

As we are stirred within to comply with the humble request, we are reminded afresh of our heavenly father’s unconditional love for us and how he is moved with compassion every time we willingly come into his presence.

I was in the bedroom reading my bible, trying to connect with God – wading through the thousands of subjects that were floating around in my brain.

To keep focused, I decided to ponder on how we are abundantly blessed.

Sarah had her two cousins round for the day and the youngest popped upstairs and knocked on my door.

Upon entering, Bethany looked around in awe, exclaiming,

“Ooh, it’s nice in here. This is a lovely room.”

I thanked her for the compliment and mused at the fact that she did not comment on my weird apparel. When spending time alone with God, I like to cover my head and the first thing I could find was a satin neglieΓ© from the drawer at the side of the bed.

With the shoestring straps dangling around both ears and the washing label leaning over my eyes, I peered out through the neon nightwear and asked her what she wanted.

After declining her particular request, which I was planning to oblige later, she made her way to the door.

“Auntie Sharon, can you come down?”

I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think it was because she wanted food – she just wanted me to spend some time with her.

I promised to join them all as soon as I’d finished reading and she asked,

“Is it a big chapter?”

How awesome it is that we don’t have to wait for God to finish an important task before he will offer us his undivided attention?

How much does his heart stir when we ask him,

“Can you come down?”

Just to be in his presence, revel in his love and to benefit from all he has to say.

In the same way I had been told that my room felt like a pleasant place, how much more amazing it feels when we enter the throne room of our Creator!

I’ve recently been studying the concept Jesus taught about being persistent in prayer.

We’re all familiar with the parables of the persistent widow and the man who wakes his friend up in the middle of the night for some food. I have also been intrigued to discover that the literal meaning of Matthew 7:7 is not, ‘ask’, ‘seek’, ‘knock’, but, “Ask and keep on asking. Seek and keep on seeking. Knock and keep on knocking.”

This is great but can sometimes fool me into thinking that I always need to be pleading, begging, supplicating and interceding before the Lord.

But little Bethany’s simple request reminded me that it is imperative to also spend much time alone with God without an agenda or request. To just bask in his presence, enjoying his company is the most blessed thing to do above all else and it brings us peace that cannot be described by words from any earthly language.

So let us find some precious minutes today to turn away from all tasks and distractions and beckon him into our busy, busy world.