The Loveliest Sound

To hear children laughing together as they play and to hear birds singing in the trees are two of the most loveliest sounds I have ever heard.

light bites for your heart sharon butt

Today I thank God that my daughter has a friend round to play whom she gets on well with. I am overjoyed at the sound of their laughter.

At present, there is not yet any chirping up above, but I know it will come soon as we move into Spring.

Thank you God for the simple things in life that bless our hearts and remind us of your unfailing love!


11 thoughts on “The Loveliest Sound

      • Love your blog! I have just read Buckets on a Barefoot Beach and loved it but I couldn’t find a LIKE button? It seems that we have a lot in common. I too love Chihuahuas and have only just learnt how to spell it. In England (I’ve not yet established what corner of the world you are in) we have a dog show each year called Crufts and dog owners from all over the world come to enter their dogs into the competition to see if they will win. It finished last week and it was great. You might find a few catch-ups on YouTube.

        And yes, there is nothing better than strolling barefoot across the sand. Unfortunately at most times of the year if I did that in this country I’d get severe frostbite! 🙂 Looking forward to catching up with you again soon xx

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