light bites for youor heart
Mouthwatering sweetness with coconut, cashews & walnuts

I am loving the positive effect of having the four J’s in my life.

I recently discovered the amazing health benefits of Jaggery candy while watching Anjum Anad’s cookery programme last week on the Food Network Channel. It is hard to believe that pure sugar is actually good for you, but check this out:

Juiced vegetables taste so delicious and by concentrating on the watery ones, I get a full glass of delicious liquid from various combinations of cucumber, celery, kiwi fruit, carrots and Honeydew melon. I am so alert, full of energy and my digestive system is functioning perfectly.

Park Run is an activity that has been set up all over England to provide a fun way of getting fit with children, dogs, and other joggers. People of all abilities, sizes and ages come together each weekend to run, walk or crawl across the large park for a gruelling 5K. There are skinny men with numbers on their backs boasting how they can whizz round in a staggering 16 minutes, there are elderly ladies in hijabs and shawal-kamizes who refuse to be held back by their ethnic attire. And red-faced children show up the dying adults by dragging themselves across the finish line. The first time I attempted it, I met a 69 year old lady who told me she had been doing it for 11 weeks. As I walked along with her, happy that I was not the only person who had given up moving fast, she turned to me and said,

“Well it was nice talking to you but don’t let me hold you back love.”

I stifled my laugh, as I was the one trying to keep up with her pace.

There is one thing I have noticed however. Apart from Jesus, too much of the other things can actually be harmful.

  • Too much jaggery will give me rotten teeth and ‘experts’ claim an excessive amount of sugar can activate worms that are lying low in the gut. Eww!
  • Over-indulging in juicing will give me stomach ache, constipation and dry skin. (Ironic but apparently true)
  • Intemperately jogging like a mad woman on the hard surfaces of the park will make my body parts saggy and damage the alignment of my bones. (Joint erosion).

But you can never have too much of Jesus.

There is no such thing as obsessing on the Lord. So I’m gonna try to keep things in perspective and get as much of him as I can.

This verse will help me balanced:

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness – spiritual training – is of value in everything and in every way, since it holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8 Amplified Version)