I simply love it when I find a blog that’s worth re-blogging.

A piece of writing that is so perfect that I don’t need to justify why I’m sharing it.

For Christmas just gone, I asked my loved-ones for items that are commonly known as beauty products.

Although I thought I was diligent in exercising wisdom by reading reviews before all my purchases, in conclusion, everything I bought ended up being a total waste of money (guilt, regret, disappointment, but mostly guilt) as all the items were naff and worthy of the trash can, dustbin or whatever you call the container where you place your rubbish.

There was a hair product that I excitedly thought would enhance my tresses and make them look sleek and gorgeous. Huh! The seller deceived me greatly and so instead, I am walking around looking like a scarecrow.

And there were nail products that simply don’t work, so instead of me having beautiful shiny talons, I’m wandering around with my fists clenched so no-one will spot the disaster at the end of my fingers.

It got me thinking about vanity, pride and wrong priorities and what message my dear Heavenly Father is trying to get into my silly head.
What is really important for him to see in his daughter? What does my husband desperately need to see in me?

Smooth hair and glistening nails or a radiant heart?

So it was a delight for me to stumble across this blog today. Maybe I didn’t stumble – maybe I was lead.


Brandon J. Adams

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

godlyA well-known verse. But would you be interested in a male paraphrasing, overheard from an old Air Force colleague of mine?

“For every sexy woman, there are five guys in her wake who got sick of her crap.”

Crude, perhaps. Highly generalized, certainly. And you have to wonder whether all five of those men were as crap-free as he made them sound. (You’ll notice I called the guy a colleague, not a buddy.)

But if you’re rolling your eyes at a male reading of Proverbs 31, you might be surprised to learn that the chapter was written to men. Women have grabbed it and run with it as a means of educating their youngers (praise God for it), but the audience of the entire book of Proverbs is actually men. Read the book sometime; notice all the invitations…

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