sharon butt light bites for your heart
busy and distracted…


I get so irritated with myself. Why do I do it? Why do I act in this way?

I adore then ignore, praise and then laze.

I can get together alone with God and worship him with beautiful music and thankfulness of the heart. I can spend ages in his presence enjoying his spirit around me and basking in his love. Nothing else matters at that point – I want to be there forever.

Then the next day I am rushing round like Martha on Speed, telling myself , “I need to stop and have a quiet time!” Time passes as fast as ever and it flies to 11 p.m. and not only have I not put my heavenly Father first, I haven’t put him anywhere at all.

I don’t want to be an ‘adore then ignore’ Christian – I want to be consistent. There’s a need to practice the presence of God everywhere we go and in everything we do, but life consumes us. I am determined to overcome this apathy. Our Lord more than deserves it and I need him so much.

Does anyone else struggle with this weakness?