light bites for your heart

As her slender fingers caressed the ivory keys of her treasured piano, a voice like velvet glided out of her throat in perfect pitch.

She closed her eyes and sung a song to her best friend. There was no need to stare down at the keyboard, for she could easily shift up to the ebony notes without a glance.

She continued to sing, creating a beautiful sound, fluttering around the atmosphere like a humming bird in the morning sun.

Her friend looked on, proud of her maturity, though still so young. Proud of her love for him and his attributes.

There was a spirit upon her that attracted those who appreciate beauty.

So it was no wonder that when she grew older, managers, leaders, media moguls and musical entrepreneurs would be fighting for her presence from all corners of the globe.

You see, it wasn’t just her voice that was unspeakably attractive – she was physically stunning too. Like a doll with a slim figure and great proportions, she wooed the crowd wherever she went. But unlike her plastic protegés, there was no hard face and fixed glare – no, her twinkling chestnut eyes and captivating smile was complimented by deep dimples in her cheeks and a perfect row of white teeth.

Her best friend was soon forgotten as the years offered her the popularity, success and admiration that she craved. But he was always there watching in the background, still loving her, admiring and caring like no-one else could.

During the dark nights he stood close by as tears soaked into the expensive satin pillow.

At parties where champagne and superficial conversations flowed freely, he stood there in the corner watching her laugh, and smile and giggling coyly at the never-ending stream of compliments.

He also watched her heart. He saw the loneliness and regret that followed her around like a pot of spilt glitter. But a cloud of denial rose up regularly to squash down the former. It was so powerful and over-whelmed the importance of conscience.

But how he loved her!

How he cared about what really mattered! He stroked her luscious hair as the moon caught sight of the pretty highlights that glistened like strips of gold. He tried to shout during her dreams. She never listened.

His heart ached with deepest compassion:

“How I miss the time when you would come to me and ask me for advice. How I miss the moments when you would speak lovingly about me to everyone you met. How I long to be back in your heart and first place in your mind.

You can do both my daughter, both. You can have fame and still love me. You can keep the bulging bank account and investments – just invest more time in me. That is what will help you. That is what will comfort you. That is what will sustain you. That is what will save you and give you the deepest joy.

I wanted you to be a vocal coach like no other. I gifted you to teach people how to hit that high note but also how to hit Heaven when they die. I taught you perfect breath control so you would show others how I can breathe life into them. I gave you talent and notability so you would teach singers the importance of spiritual eminence.

For what does it profit you to win the whole world but lose your own soul?

Who’s going to applaud you when you take your last breath? Who’s going to take hold of your hand? Where will you be taken?

I want you to be with me my child. I created you to live with me in my father’s kingdom. I made you to:

~ sing songs of glory –

~ eulogize those offering praises up to God –

~ showcase the humble –

~ instruct would-be-warblers that there is something better to sing about than sex and selfishness –

~ stand up for me in a world that is standing on others to get what they want.

While you are still stunning and gifted, the most influential people in the world are falling at your dainty, tanned feet. But I created you for me, not them.

I created you to be a vocal coach like no other.”


a vocal coach like no other sharon butt