light bites for your heart

I am always intrigued at how quickly a new craze spreads across the world.

I know right now the word on everyone’s lips is ‘Trump’, but just before Tuesday it was ‘Adult Colouring’. 

Interlinked with that is the now ever-so-popular word:


It’s even hit the schools and now every child has the opportunity to breathe deeply, relax and focus more clearly on their immediate surroundings.

My husband and I participated in a session at home, lead by our 11 year old daughter, who told us to sit upright with our hands on our knees and concentrate hard on our little finger.

It’s funny how it tingles when your focus is solely on that.

So this morning I  treated myself to a cooked breakfast of 2 thickly-sliced bacon rashers, 2 hash browns, a handful of cherry tomatoes and baby mushrooms drenched in olive oil and as much salt and pepper to make my doctor cringe.

I decided to go through the mindfulness routine with this meal, savouring every morsel, feeling the texture on my tongue and taking time out to really contemplate on what processes went on to bring this yummy grub to my plate.

So I thought about the pig that was once suckling on it’s mother and had been running around it’s pen, wallowing in fabulous, squelchy mud. 

Then I pondered on how a gardener or industrial machine took time to regularly feed my tomatoes with water.

Unfortunately for me, I lost my sense of smell 11 years ago which in turn has greatly affected my sense of taste.

So I could not taste the potatoeyness of the hash browns, nor the strong flavour of the mushrooms – and the bacon, though still delicious to me, tasted like greasy rubber.

But I got a pleasant surprise right near the end. I could really taste the smokeyness in the fat and after all the bland, bland, bland going on, it was like a carnival on my tongue!

This made me consider God’s challenge:

Oh taste and see that the Lord our God is good. How blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Not was good, not will be good, but is good right now.

When we step out and reach to take his hand, it’s like having the best meal put before us.

When we taste the blessings of obedience and exercise the portion of faith he’s given us, it’s like eating the loveliest food we’ve ever had.

So my encouragement to you today is to get out of your comfort zone and be mindful of the fact that you might be wrong about there being no God or that he is not relevant to today or that he can’t help you solve your problems.

Taste and see that the Lord IS good!

God bless you all.