Some people are in awe of those who can read the intricate squiggles of Japanese, Arabic & Chinese writing.

Others drop their jaws at a vibrant musical score with hundreds of notes and symbols dancing round the page like parading ants waving flags.

But for me, the most amazing thing is the love affair that people have with wool / yarn. When I look at a knitting pattern, my head explodes. For the more gifted, the codes  and hieroglyphics are a chance to make a beautiful gift for someone who appreciates the warmth and delicacy of wool. A woven string is wrapped around a stick, wiggled about with a matching implement in the other hand and in no time at all, a masterpiece is created.


Amanda Jayne, the founder of Knit & Promise Crafts, is one such lady who delights in cheering the hearts of others by lovingly producing exquisite presents with her long needles.

Her creativity knows no bounds.

One of her most popular creations is her charming strawberry tea cosy.


Now, if you fancy giving this to a tea-lover for Christmas, you’ll have to get your orders in soon as she’s already got some excited customers waiting. Her customer service skills are first rate, so she will want to get your request to you on time for the upcoming celebrations. You can use any of the links above.

But what a pretty little item to have on your teapot, gracing your table and complimenting your cups!

Please, please don’t dismiss cosies as something only grannies would use.

Tea cosies are energy efficient gadgets that save money because they keep the liquid inside the pot piping hot until your very last cuppa.

Everybody likes a steaming hot brew.

If you’re sat down at the table with family or entertaining a friend, you don’t want to keep getting up to re-boil the kettle, do you?

Yes, all you tea drinkers need a cosy, so pamper your pot with a fantastic design!












As you can see from all the photographs, Amanda’s knitted crafts are made with passion and love:


And with winter on it’s way, isn’t it a blessing to know somebody who’s wonderful with wool?


And are you still scared of using electric blankets? Then snuggle up with a hot water bottle adorned like this:


All in all, it is evident that gifted people make glorious gifts. Back to the title: No matter how adorable our feline friends are, their playtime with yarny balls is such a waste of this precious fibre when it could be making a good pair of gloves. So don’t let them tangle it all up – give it to Amanda so she can put it to good use!