Anyone afflicted with this dreadful disease knows Cancer cannot be described as lovely. It’s scary, humiliating, tiring and extremely painful.

But treasures can be found in tragedy.

It makes us more loving, understanding and compassionate towards others. It gives us a new perspective on life and hopefully helps us to regard the prospect of death more seriously.

For some people it brings them to their knees where they experience the miracle of ‘peace that passes all understanding’.

Once such person is Caroline Hendry. With more than 11,314 regular followers, she has touched the hearts of many.

You see, she’s not angry despite having suffered Addison’s Disease for many years. She’s not resentful or bitter at her lot.

She’s not super-human – just an ordinary lady doing extra ordinary things as she lets God use her to tell the world:

“You can have a beautiful life, even with Cancer.”
Is Cancer beautiful? Definately not. But Caroline has proved that you can have a beautiful life with Cancer when Jesus is walking by your side.

Does she have down days? I’m sure. Is she trying to impress anyone? No. Her heart is simply to be all God created her to be.

Here is one of her logs which touched me deeply:

Beautiful Life with Cancer

I am a thinker, a dreamer, see things as they could be/should be’er. Idealist.

I am not who I want to be. But I never want to be who I want to be. My plans always changing, and the better me always evolving.

My goals in this life are not popular. They are laughable and do not make sense. They are not sensible.

Caroline’s goals for her future self:

1. I want some people not to come to my house because of some other people that are already there. The people at my house are not people that most people want to be around. They are stinky on the outside and/or stinky on the inside.

2. I want to be persecuted. I want my life so crazy for Jesus that this world laughs at me. I want the truth in me to rub some people the wrong way. I want…

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