a happy life

Who are we to doubt it when someone says they have a happy life?

Why do we raise an eyebrow when people declare they have everything they need and therefore are not desperate to know God or find out more about Jesus?

We all know the phrase, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” and Christians use it more than anyone, but many folks are content with their riches and enjoy life to the full.

a happy life

There is plenty of money in the bank and much more where it came from.

They had a good upbringing and a great relationship with parents, school friends, siblings and colleagues.

Everything they own is in duplicate:

Two cars.

Two televisions.

Two laptops.

Two children.

Two holidays a year.

Two bathrooms.

Two nights out a week…and more.

They don’t understand why ‘religious’ people keep harping on about peace of mind and conclude it’s just jealousy because they want to make everyone as dull as them.

They exclaim, “The joy of the Christian is a crutch and even when it’s not, why are they so concerned about us – we who have more than them? If there is a God, well he’s blessed us very nicely already, so we don’t need more of him nor to waste our Sundays hobbling along to a church – one that’s either crazy or boring. No thank you – keep your beliefs to yourself.”

To an extent, they are right. What? Yes.

Because we believers often fixate on the wrong thing.

It’s not about, “When you give your life to Jesus you will have lasting peace, a fantastic life knowing God and an idyllic home called Heaven when you die.”

As true as that is, it should never be our focal point.

The crux of the matter is about knowing what we have done, our subsequent standing before a holy God and where we will end up if we don’t put things right.

Basically it’s about what Jesus saved us from.

If we are not told what we have been spared from, we cannot feel grateful and we cannot realise how hopeless our lives are – how desperately we need to be saved from Hell.

a happy life

The bottom line is we have all fallen short of God’s standards and no matter how nice we are, how attractive, how talented, just one teeny, weeny, tiny sin, separates us from a perfect God and puts us on the path to eternal punishment.

A little white lie – an outburst of anger – a swear word – pinching bubblegum from our friend’s pocket – spreading gossip – looking down on someone because they embarrass us – being jealous of somebody else’s success or possessions…the list goes on.

In God’s eyes, because of who he is, it is like standing in a courtroom owing 50 billion Dollars/Pounds/Euros and there is no way you can pay even one hundredth of it back in your lifetime.

a happy life

You are about to go to jail for the rest of your life and it’s a dreadful place with no chance of parole.

But suddenly someone jumps up and says, “I’m paying their debt in full so they are free to go.”

You did nothing to deserve this massive act of mercy and grace. There was no time in the past when you helped their old mother across the street or babysat for their children.

That is what Jesus did for us. We have all sinned and put ourselves on the road to a very real place of eternal torture, but Jesus stepped in to save us.

a happy life

Now the thought of Heaven is more appealing. Now the thought of having a Saviour means something. Now the thought of escaping Hell makes sense.

Now we can understand why despite our prosperity, we are nothing and have nothing without Christ. Now we understand that Christians aren’t jealous of those richer, because they really do possess the most priceless commodity. Everything we own now becomes temporal and worthless compared to salvation – even stuff like this:

a happy life

So my dear siblings, let us all stop dancing around the subject, so that dying souls can learn that there is a real place called Hell that they are heading towards if they don’t do something about it.

Then they will understand that it doesn’t matter who you  are:

The Pope

The nurse

The nun

The benefactor

The charity worker who’s spent their entire life raising millions for terminally ill children.

Nobody’s goodness is good enough to earn a place into Heaven and protection from a God-forsaken place of torment.

a happy life


Because the car, the promotion, the fame, the security, the health, the opportunities, all mean nothing in light of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Yes, it’s such a happy life knowing we’re no longer in the Devil’s hands.

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