The Wog Needs To Blog!


Why do people like to talk over the internet to people they don’t really know and will probably never see in the flesh during their lifetime?

Why do we have so much to say?

I haven’t blogged for what seems like ages and it feels unnatural.

I like to natter.

I’m a tad verbose.

Whether I like to admit it or not, I’m opinionated.

Strangers in the street do amusing things and stir up words inside me.

The funny things children say make me lyrical.

The lovely things God says renders me emotional.

My mind is always seeing the poignancy in situations and the hilarity in others.

The world forces me to be expressive and passionate in my speech and fabricates every whimsical notion that’s waiting to emerge from my loquacious being.

So here I am, not wanting to be effusive after such a long time away, but at the same time, the visionary in me is fighting to burst forth in a garrulous fashion in order to share with you all that’s been on my heart over these muted months.

My friend Rokhsana has a sister who is a WordPress blogger, and she describes her thus:

“I think my sister has so much crazyness in her head that she has to get it out otherwise she will just explode.”

Anyone identify with that?



3 thoughts on “The Wog Needs To Blog!

  1. Beautifully said, Sharon. I too have “so much in my head” and on my heart that blogging is a useful tool for me, but there are other reasons I write too. I love to serve God with this gift. I express myself better on paper, I think. I also am still catching up on many (too many) years of not having a voice. I still love to use it. May the Lord and others find it a pleasure somehow. 🙂


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