Ripped jeans at my age?


I’ve just seen a lady who is well into her prime, sporting a trendy pair of very ripped jeans.

Now, I’m nowhere near 60, but I am far from 30 too. And if I’m honest, I’m actually nearer the former than the latter.

I’m of that era where if my garments are torn, they need either sewing or throwing.

Oh I do hope I grow old gracefully!

I hope I know when to take off my lamb suit and reveal that I’m a happy mutton.


4 thoughts on “Ripped jeans at my age?

  1. I am really offended by this blog. I have ripped jeans. Mind you…. mine are because I fell down a hillside and couldn’t be bothered to by a new pair. haha!! Bless you!!! Love, your friendly old sheep xxx


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