Identity – The Torment Of Anorexia

I’m loving this lady’s posts so much. Do you remember I recently posted a blog entitled, “Women Who I Admire?” Well this lady is one out of the three I briefly mentioned.

I was actually going to do a review on her last, but she is grieving and my heart goes out to her so much, that I thought it more fitting to pop her in second. She is an overcomer of that dreadful illness Anorexia Nervosa and she has just lost a friend to the same disease.

Yet even in grief, her articles are so inspiring.

I may reblog another two, or I may just let you nip over to her site and read them for yourself. Have a blessed day. xxx


I have something exciting to share with you guys:)

I was recently interviewed by Jacob over on the blog, Lone Star Inspirations. And yesterday he posted the interview! So if you want to read a little more about Yours Truly, head on over there! And thanks, Jake, for wanting to interview me!

So. I’m a sucker for Buzzfeed. I spend waaaay too much time there. Catching up on everything from news, to celebrity gossip, to Disney quizzes, to the occasional random cat video.


I mean, I need to reevaluate my usage of spare time!

But anyways, I happened upon something rather interesting yesterday. And that was’s “Word of 2015.”

I won’t go into the Oxford Dictionary’s choice of word…or rather, nonword.They chose an emoji.Yes, you read that right — they chose the “laughing with tears of joy” emoji.



But chose a different word…

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3 thoughts on “Identity – The Torment Of Anorexia

  1. Hi there Sharon, I just wanted to pop over and say thank you again, first for the kind words and support during this time. But also for all the wonderful things you’ve said about my blog. It truly fills my heart to know that you enjoy your time in my dusty little corner of the internet. Hugs and love to you, friend. xox

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    • Hi there – you are very welcome.

      I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I was planning to comment on that blog later, but I will speak to you here instead. I did not want to just hurry a comment when it was about something so sad and dear to your heart.

      You are right that sometimes God’s ways seem confusing and it is a wonder why he took her so young…but I know he does everything out of love, so it was probably the best thing for her at this time. Maybe she could not handle this life anymore and he took her to save her from making the wrong choice of taking her own life? Maybe a big trial was heading her way and he decided to just lift her out of it?

      I know he will get the glory from this sad occasion in the end. And I know he is wanting you to draw near to him during this time and to pour your heart out to him.

      You are right that she is now free. And if you could just get a glimpse of the fun she is having and the love she is receiving, you would be moved to tears. Tears of joy for her deliverance. And isn’t it wonderful to know that very, very soon, you and I will join her up there to live in peace with our Saviour and Creator forever?

      Will you please introduce me to her when we get there?

      Not long now…we are still here because we have a work to do, if even that is just crying and crying and asking God to save other ladies who are suffering from this illness but do not know Jesus as their loving Saviour. I will continue to pray for your comfort and that you will feel his arms around you like never before. xxx


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