Most of us prefer the modern way of living and have ditched traditional bars of soap for liquid dispensers.

They look prettier, are less messy and are far more hygienic.

I love the different types that one can buy these days, especially the vanilla-smelling ones, the type that emit a foamy spray and the ones in beautiful bottles.

I do however, love the smell of Wright’s coal tar soap, so I always have one sitting at the side of my sink.

Last night my husband and I were downstairs and could hear the taps (faucets) opening and closing, followed by the sound of water trickling down the pipes up above.

The taps make a kind of grinding noise when closed, so this constant clamour was getting annoying.

I decided to venture upstairs to see what Sarah, my ten year old, was up to.

As I entered the bathroom, she quickly hid something under a towel and put on that expression of false nonchalance that I know so well.

“What are you doing?”


“Why is there water everywhere?”

“Don’t know.”

“And what’s happened to the soap?!”

(Shoulder shrug)

“Why is it all dug out like that?”

“I was cleaning my nails.”


“I just scraped them across the soap but it dented it a little.”

By now, her dad was standing by the door and was horrified when he glanced at the pathetic looking orange clump that was a lovely plump rectangle the day before.

“Sarah, why have you butchered the soap?”

“I haven’t.”

“But it’s mutilated.”

“I was washing my hands and fingernails.”

“So you decided to impale them right through to the other side?”

I could feel a giggle coming on so I made a quick departure.

I still haven’t a clue what she was doing.

Anyone got any suggestions?