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As you know, I am having a tidy-up on here and editing posts, title pages and images.

I thought it was time for a spring clean after 158 blogs in two years – I never knew I could talk so much! In fact I have just realised that my first blog was in May 2014 which I was inspired to begin after enjoying Funnylass’s blog so much – so it is exactly 24 months this week. 

I have met so many wonderful people on here and I would like to thank you all for sailing down the river with me on this fantastic writing journey of love, laughter and many tears.

Here is a link to one of my pages entitled, A Touch Of Perfection. 

It’s a short post that is basically about my heart behind my blogs. People are hurting while others are accusing. This was never our job to do.

I particularly love the line in the song that says, ‘Why don’t we put down our signs, step over the line and love like you did? 

Life is short. May God help us to love people they way he intended us to.