I love reading other people’s blogs!

But I don’t like staring at a page and wondering where are the posts of the past. Neither do I care for seeing lists of dates that do not tell me what any of the blogger’s past articles are about.

And I know that many of you find this just as frustrating as I do.

Are people missing your blogs because they cannot find them?

…then please feel free to copy my idea.

Saying that, some blogs do have a list of linkable topics running down one side and that is fantastic. Though I don’t think this option is available on every web design and who wants the stress of changing?

So, I decided to create:

This blog which contains the titles AND SUBJECTS of older posts that I have specially picked out for you. There is a general underlined category above each different section. Then on the left you have an explanation of what the topic is  about and on the right hand side you have the title which is also the link.  

Simply click onto the title of your choice and the blog post will come up.

When you stop by, please  also drop in a quick hello so that I can wander over to your blog and share in your joys, pains and in-betweens. 

I really don’t want to miss out on what you have to say, whether it’s opinionated, sad, hilarious or just the muddled thoughts in your brain that you need to express out loud. See you soon!

Apologies for the format which may look disjointed on a smartphone device. If any techies out there know how to tabulate properly, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

What my blog is about

The heart behind my blogs   No Pointing Fingers

Silly things I’ve done

Absent-mindedness    Are You Wary Of The Green Man?

Gardening blunders   Escaping From The Grave

Embarrassment at a wedding    Get out the way!

My ridiculous photo   Laughing at myself

Speaking out of turn   The demon dog and my big  ole gob

Trying to dance   Uptown funky like a monkey

Refusing to grow old gracefully  The laughing man

My attempt at being cool   Cutting it fine

I talk far too much   My mouth

I’m a bad loser at games   Something to calm me down

Pretending to be a home-girl  Yo sista!

Struggles with black culture   The floundering coconut

Over-spending    Christmas in February?

Struggles with forgiveness    Forgiveness? Aw God do I av ta?

Carrying a heavy carpet down the road    The human packhorse


Here’s some encouragement for:

The triers    Well done you!

Those who feel intimidated by God   I’m not good enough

Those feeling just ordinary  Bragging Rights?

Those addicted to porn (including females!)   The height of pleasure

Those who are struggling     Life inside a tortoise shell

The motherless or rejected by their mothers     Sunday wounds

Those feeling hopeless   (2 links)   Desperation    Desperation Part 2

For those who hate Christmas    Christmas shoes

Those wanting to talk to God  But how do I pray? What do I say?


My fear of:

Wasps   I don’t like the queen!

Spiders   Arachno..a agh! where did it go?

Crossing the road     Are you wary of the green man?

Marmaduke the ghost    The ghost of Tottering Towers

Butterflies    Secret revealed


God’s amazing intervention

A stranger teaches me a lesson   The mystery of the penniless boy

Delivered from drugs and violence    Joy is in the house

Leg cramp in bed      Thank you


Christians and depression

A nervous breakdown    An angel from Australia

Anxious Christians     Anxious about anxious

Feeling low    Feeling miserable

Learning to see the good in things   Gratefulness and a happy heart

The awful British weather    The lost summer

Feeling sidelined by God    The mystery of the penniless boy

Feeling useless    Nothing in my hand



WordPress is great     Why am I following my own blog?

The nicest people to know    Who’s your favourite type of person?

Christian music for young people   Are ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ songs cool?

3 ladies I admire     Women who I admire

Dani Johnson’s poverty project     Leave your home and travel  with me

Wedding accessories  review   How to look absolutely stunning

A talented card maker     The dog returns


Our struggles with sin

Becoming complacent    Black bubbles

Getting used to the bad    The unfortunate frog

Being realistic about myself   Forgiving Eve

Being undiscerning   The greedy polar bear


Blogs about celebrities

Roger Federer (tennis champion)     The luckiest parents in the world?

Linda Bellingham (British actress)     The lovely Linda

Robin Williams’ suicide    Goodbye Mr. Williams, we’re so sorry

USA Presidents who were wise   Wiser words from wiser men


My parenting experiences and childhood memories

Frustrations with craft mess    All that glitters…

The importance of interacting with our kids   Come play with me

A father-daughter relationship     Swollen river

Contrary children    Tuxedos for planting flowers

Coping with an obsessed  mother    Paranoid parents

The new jewellery craze for girls    Rainbow loom band loopy

My daughter’s love for insects     Bug funeral

Childhood memories     Frowns and fringes

A true story about a playground accident     Monday morning at Satan’s abode

Forgiving my parents    Forgiving the past

A bee on a young child’s leg     My daughter’s so brave

I learnt not to lie to my child    Deception doesn’t work

Why I hate bruised fruit    Pygmy bananas


Emotive issues (includes poetry )

Sexual abuse & burglary     Burglary and gang rape

True love   What is love?

The death of Jesus    What brings about self-centredness…

The victory of Jesus   Newsflash: Dead men walking

Prostitution  Selling your body

Autism   Take me as I am

Holding a newborn baby   First kiss

Child neglect     Mummy abandoned me at the market

Abortion    “I murdered my baby”

Infertility and miscarriage    Empty womb, empty cot, empty arms

Huntingdon’s Disease     Stop staring at me

Cerebral palsy/special needs    Someone for everyone

Singles ladies wanting to be married      Single ladies….

Neglecting our children      Christmas regret

Disappointment and hopelessness       Relationships

The torture Jesus suffered     Wounds like no other

Snobbery in church?      Terrified of church

The atrocities of war    Rubble, sticky blood….

Children’s homes & fostering     Sweets on a Sunday

Loneliness & suffering     Nothing in my hand


Frustrations with:  

Bad customer service   Me nah know

Child trafficking    Pervert or provider?

Hypocrisy among Christians    Who’s Got Brokeback Mountain?

Accused of being vain   Michael Jackson re-born?

My tampered photograph    The ghost family

Rude behaviour from strangers     Moody mother


My favourtie quote:       Anyway