Before I continue with the stuff in my head that will become my next few blogs, I am going to do a ‘review’ on 3 ladies who inspire me so much.

I’ve never met any of them and I’m not even sure of their country of residence because in this big wide world of online talking, I forget who’s from where. 

The first lady who I’ve only recently discovered, has a blog on WordPress called:

Beauty Beyond Bones

She has with God’s help, overcome a long battle with Anorexia and her articles about self-worth are amazing. 10,000 other bloggers agree with me so I’m hoping you will too.

The next lady is someone who I have re-blogged before and she has 11,182 followers and quite understandably so. Her name is Caroline and her WordPress blog is called:

Beautiful Life With Cancer

I was moved by her recent blog entitled ‘Goals In Life’ which you will get the opportunity to read.

The last lady posts regularly on YouTube and she is such an inspiration to me! Her gentle spirit and Christ-like nature exudes through every word she speaks and she is one of those people you wish you knew personally.

Her name is Eleanor and her channel is entitled:

Radically For Jesus

I shall be blogging about her first and sharing one of her videos and whether you agree with or understand what she is saying or not, I know you will at least be touched by the presence of God coming through her virtuous temperament.

Funnily enough, each life story matches up with the topic that I am planning on chatting to you about next, which is:

‘The purpose of suffering’

I look forward to ‘meeting up’ with you all soon so I can share the stories of these three wonderful women of God.


Link: Here’s another lady I admire very much: