The Height Of Pleasure


(Link: please also see this page called, A Touch Of Perfection which relates to this blog.)

Social media has given people the opportunity to talk candidly about their sex lives, secret pleasures and all things done to gratify their fleshly lusts.

This is not a criticism, neither do I judge anyone – it is not my place to,  and anybody who fears God (deep respect) knows that for all of us it’s,

‘There but for the grace of God go I.’

The world is obsessed with the next fulfilling fix because they can’t stand the reality of how depressing life is.

But no matter the ah’s and screams and yells of delight gained from whatever stimuli used: drugs, smoking, porn, alcohol, sex toys, shopping, stealing, gossiping…the only true and lasting pleasure can be found in Jesus and subsequently going to Heaven when you die.

All delectation on earth is very fleeting, but the devil (yes, he exists) would have you think, “Live for the now!” “Block out the yukky with something naughty!”

You can’t embarrass God because it was him who made our bodies do what they do and feel how they feel…

but because he is God, he also made our minds and spirits.

These are also affected by whatever we do to our bodies. I’ll say it again,

these are also affected by what we do to our bodies.

If you watch porn, you will get a spirit of lust and insatiable cravings that will eventually destroy you. You see friends, when our Creator tells us not to do something, he’s not being a spoilsport – it’s just that he knows what is best for our minds and spirit and ultimately, our life.

Please don’t throw away your chance of eternal bliss for quick fixes on earth. Tell God everything and admit your cravings, desires, fears and hopelessness. There’s nothing he doesn’t know anyway:

“You know when I sit down and when I rise up – my entire life and everything I do. You understand my thought from afar. You are intimately acquainted with all my ways.” (Psalm 139:2 & part of 3)

So instead of being so open with people you don’t know (I guess the fan base is tantalizing and feeds our pride) and who don’t really know you, switch your focus and tell the Lover Of Your Soul what you’re struggling with and ask him to help you.

You will soon realise he’s not the prude you think he is.

Nah, there are no blushes on his face. After all, he’s dedicated an entire book of the Bible on the subject of sexual love. But if we wander out of his guidelines, we’re gonna get our minds into a whole lot of trouble.

Think of this for a moment: why do you never put water into your fuel tank? Because not only will it not function correctly, but it could actually ruin your car.

God’s guidelines are the same. “Thou shalt not…” is said out of love. Because his instructions are our petrol, our gasoline, our diesel and our constant efforts to satisfy our fleshly lusts are the polluted waters of Sudan teeming with rotting carcasses going all the way down our throats each time we step over the line.

(See: The Conquer Series)

You Maker wants you to have fun and he wants you to be happy and mentally well. Most of all, he is building you a mansion up there that he very much wants you to receive when you breathe out that last breath.

So please, for your own sakes, your sanity, your life, your true ecstasy, turn towards the one who put you together, genitals and all, and accept the offer of salvation he is freely giving you:



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