good news

None of us are. God is perfect and we are not.

But there’s good news friends!

His love is as big as his holiness

Nothing you’ve done is too bad for his forgiveness. That’s why he sent Jesus to suffer and die for the things we’ve done wrong, so that we can have a a second chance.

A second chance!

The pharisees who killed Jesus used to put heavy burdens on the every-day people, making them feel that is was impossible to please God.

“Do this. Don’t do that. Look at me, I’ve got it sussed.”

Yet they were considered in a worse spiritual state than the folk who they were trying to teach. Why?

Because they thought they were holy and perfect by performing mindless rituals and then judging others who didn’t do the same.

You see, it’s not about religion, it’s about choosing to turn away from the attitudes and habits that displease God and choosing to let him govern your life instead of your old selfish self.

But this brings freedom!

If you smoke, don’t worry, God will help you with that. You might enjoy it very much and not want any nosey parker telling you, “That’s enough. Stop now.” God’s Holy Spirit does the convicting and he can take away your desire to do things that are harmful. In his time, he can make you become what he created you to be without the lecture from pious others. You’re not the world’s worse wretch if you slip up.

Are you good enough for God? Of course not, but neither is the Pope, the Archbishop, the Queen, the man who wears a dog collar and speaks in a gentle voice. All respect to them but they are no better in God’s sight than the lady down the nightclub, who earns her living having sex with sweaty strangers.

Church is not for the perfect…

…aren’t you glad? I certainly am!

Such a person doesn’t exist anyway. Attending a public place of worship with fellow humans who have decided to put their trust in Jesus, is for common mankind who acknowledge they need the highest power in their life.

Now…there is an over balance in some gatherings that give out the message that anything goes – do what you want.

Well no, God does require from us a heartfelt desire and determination to change, followed by positive action, but if you are struggling with certain habits, He is waiting to help you, to give you strength to overcome and most of all, to forgive you.

He is not standing on a cloud thumping a rolling pin into his fist, eager to bang you on the head and tell you with disgust that you are a pathetic, stinking worm.

So friends, take that first step of using the measure of faith you were born with by believing:

Number One: There is something wrong with all of us and no matter what a nice person we are, we were all born sinners and need to make things right with our Maker.

Number Two: That there IS a God. The heavens and earth reveal his wonder and glory so that no-one can say they didn’t know he was real.

Number Three: That there are NOT many different roads to Heaven – the Bible says that Jesus is the only way to God.

Number Four. That there is a real Hell to shun, avoid, run away from as fast as you can. It was not made for you, but God has given you the free will to decide if you wish to follow Hell’s owner instead of him. Heaven was made for you and the place is glorious. You can have a home designed to suit your personality and things you particularly love and have an eternity living in peace with people who will never back stab you. If you’ve lost a child, even miscarriage or abortion, it will be happily waiting to greet you as you arrive.

So please remember, all you great readers who have actually taken the time to read this to the end even though blogs are annoying,  nobody who loves Jesus is good enough for God. It’s him who works through us, so please, please stop waiting till you are more perfect before you lift up your eyes and speak to the One who desperately wants a relationship with you.

Here’s what to do: Please click on this link.