google plus

The Google Plus ‘About Me’ page has a section called ‘Bragging rights’ where you have the opportunity to showcase your talents, skills and successes.

It’s ridiculous the way we humans love to boast and receive admiration.

Everyone’s become obsessed with how many Likes they get, followers they have, +1’s they receive, re-pins that occur, tweets re-tweeted and of course, how many ‘friends’ they have.

It’s like we’re all on this massive ego trip to outdo and outsmart everyone.

Who cares what people are having for lunch or where they are right now as I speak? Do I really need to see a photo of their steak and chips? Did they really need to get their camera out while eating?

There are two braggie things which annoy me the most:

  1. People posting pictures of meals they are eating as if they want the world to know they have a fantastic social life and a great taste for restaurants.
  2. Pre-teens who boast to their friends about their latest smart phones and tablets. Who is a 9 year old going to have a conversation with and what have they got to say that is so important? But they are copying us adults, thinking it’s cool to be proud and a total show-off.

And why do people who have never, ever worked with me, endorse me for skills that I’ve never accomplished? On LinkedIn, I’m often endorsed for fiction writing – I’ve not written a story in my life. It seems that people do that because they are wanting me to do the same back to them – make false claims about their skills to make them look good. Who are we trying so desperately to impress?

The only thing all this trumpet-blowing proves is that we have become a world of insecure folk who can’t handle reality.

Nobody has anything of any worth unless they have Jesus and he was the most humble person who ever lived.


*Instead of boasting to people we hardly know about how many friends we’ve got, why don’t we seek out the lonely and befriend them?

*Instead of boasting about what we are doing and the great places we’ve been to, why don’t we trundle down to the ghettos and give a homeless person a hearty meal?

*Instead of boasting about the latest gadgets we’ve acquired, apps we’ve installed and functions our devices have, why don’t we look for people who have less than us and bless then with one of our 30 pairs of shoes?