Secret revealed…finally!

hate butterflies

Some time ago I mentioned that I had a deep, dark secret I was ashamed to reveal.

I have asked God to change my vision so that I view these creatures in the beautiful glory he made them to be seen in.

Many people love them and they are especially popular on the Ebay Handmade Cards section. Almost every sold card has one adorning the front (a free business tip for you entrepreneurial crafters) and I myself, actually don’t mind the pictures of artificial ones.

It’s the real ones I can’t stand the sight of and since confessing to a few trusted individuals, I have discovered to my relief that I am not alone.

So you may have guessed by now that I am referring to butterflies. Fake ones are fine, but real ones, ugh! The only thing I hate the sight of more in the summer are their overweight brothers – moths.

A colleague once described them aptly: a cigar with wings.

It makes me wonder if some racial people are not as to blame for their feelings as we think. (Big topic – please don’t bite my head off) Maybe some folk seriously find dark-skinned people scary. It only takes a horror film seen at too young an age of a black-faced goul making unearthly noises…

We all need to acknowledge our irrational fears and ask our loving Creator to change the way we see things.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to:

flinch and hope no-one notices,

keep my windows shut when the light is on (moths),

shake the washing-line like a mad woman when I’ve left clothes out all night,

wear less perfume in the sun,

not eat oranges outside,

and keep away from Tropical World.

“So God made the wild animals, the tame animals and all the small crawling animals to produce more of their own kind. And God saw that this was good.” (Genesis 1:25)


I'm fine with the tee-shirt

I’m fine with the tee-shirt


18 thoughts on “Secret revealed…finally!

  1. I love butterflies and birds, but I wouldn’t want to be in a room FULL of them. When we went to the Butterfly Gardens and there were butterflies landing on me, I was totally fine with that. I get squeamish over the idea of sitting on one, though. My sister is terrified of birds, and I think they are a wonderful creation as well. I can’t stand lizards and snakes! My grandson adores them. Rodents, I don’t mind so much. Still, they are not my favorite! And they stink! Our kids used to be afraid of really old people. I think the wrinkles scared them. I love dark skinned people. I think they are beautiful and full of character. I don’t like looking so pale all the time! It is truly funny how different we all are. Have no shame, my friend. You are allowed to choose your own likes and dislikes. lol. Hugs, Debbie 🙂

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    • That’s funny about the old people being scary. It’s great getting inside the mind of a child. Maybe they thought they needed ironing? I’m glad you enjoyed Butterfly Gardens. I actually have been through the butterfly house at Tropical World 3 times but closed my eyes for most of the way. I was fine until somebody in front me squirmed, then that was it, I wanted to get out of there like yesterday.xx

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  2. Yes, my kids had met my grandparents for the first time ever and they were in early elementary school. My parents looked young in comparison and they had known them all their lives. So, the really old people thing was new to them. They didn’t want to come out of their bedrooms. I had to coax them. I made the mistake of telling them that one day I too would look like that. lol. ….. You are so funny, though. I love your sense of humor. I say it again, “Anwar and your daughter are blessed to have you.”


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