(This is a revised, edited version of the original which was published in June last year)

I’m for the underdog.

Slower at achievement, if at all. Defeat shows up all over them like slimy moss.

I love to see people succeed, whether it be in business, relationships, fund raising, health challenges or personal goals. It’s great when someone has an idea and runs with it. It’s even greater when that person has overcome many failures, disappointments and even negativity to rise above it all and hit the mountain peak.

I think that’s why I get sad after watching Dragon’s Den. To know that many aspiring entrepreneurs have used up their life-savings to persue their dream, only to be told, “You’re wasting your time. Don’t spend any more money on this.” is heartbreaking. Of course these millionaires know what they are talking about and are very rarely wrong.

A particular invention I loved that was ridiculed all the way to the front door, was a frumpy blue armchair which had a rectangle board that jutted out of the base at the back.   This was supposed to be a tread-mill. A nervous elderly gentleman had created a mini-gym that you could use while not only in the comfort of your own home, but right slap bang in the living room, so you could watch telly and exercise at the same time. Yes it was crazy, but the soft side of me felt so sad when he was mocked.

So when a person does well I am overjoyed. But it’s the ‘loser’ who really grabs my attention.

Underdog definition:

‘A person who has little status in society.’

‘A competitor thought to have little chance of winning the contest.’

‘A less powerful person who struggles against a more powerful person or thing.’


Loser definition:

A person who is disadvantaged by a particular situation or course of action.

A person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life.

Defeated. Non-achiever.

He tried. He failed. Had to declare himself bankrupt. She smiled, she was slapped. Being nice did not send the bullies away. No commendable qualifications. No business success. No popularity because they’re not cool to be with – not even in the knitting club, the pub, or church. No great achievements. Just an ordinary person. Not particularly beautiful, nor aware of what clothes are fashionable and even if they were, they couldn’t afford them.

The rejected. The abused. The misunderstood. The defeated. The hopeless. The unattractive. The clumsy, the triers…

But they are nice people. They are approachable. They never forget to say ‘thank you’ for presents and kind deeds. They don’t squirm if you come to sit next to them and are delighted to be considered as a friend. If lucky enough to be part of a group that’s in conversation, they won’t turn their back on you but will be eager to let you know what they are laughing at. They listen when you’re talking even if they struggle to look you in the eye. When you tell them you’re hurting the first thing they say is “I am sorry to hear that.” They ring you up the next day to check how you are feeling. When they say “Is there anything I can do?” they mean it from the bottom of their heart. They don’t promise to pray for you just because you asked.

They send you text messages laden with appropriate words of encouragement. They send you emotional power ballards from YouTube, telling you they feel this will help. When they pray for you, tears fall to the floor. This is the unpopular. The rejected. This is the one who knows what pain is really like.

They understand the real meaning of the words: alone, different, failed, contempt, mockery, rejection & sadness.

On the bible dvd, they skip past the bit where Judas kissed Jesus, not because they don’t care but because it’s too raw.

I love this type of person because this type of person loves.

They are the real success stories… They are the ones who have really lived. They lived because they loved. They loved even when no-one loved them. Even when no-one understood. Mostly when no-one cared.