Uptown Funky Like A Monkey

cutting shapes

One of the best Cutting Shapes dancers on YouTube is Willy Gee.

(Checkout “Uptown Funk Cutting Shapes Willy Gee 123”)

How the lino on his kitchen floor hasn’t yet peeled is beyond me – the man is so fast!

Graceful too. Can you say that about street dance or is that adjective reserved only for ballet?

When Willy dances he looks neat, or should I be more modern and say ‘sick’?

Well that’s how I look too, only my adjective remains in the literal sense.

What I’m trying to say is, when this young dude busts his stuff, he looks great, but when I try to copy him, I resemble an ape.

There’s worse.

This evening while doing a jump, I had to stop.

I am not going to elaborate. Let’s just say I should have listened to Dr. K when I had the chance.

For the wise, go figure.

For the confused, I refuse to explain.

For the disgusted, yea I know, too much info – sorry.

Apart from suffering the consequences of not doing certain other exercises, I wonder where I am going wrong?

Maybe I need to grow a ‘fro like the bro’.


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