The Laughing Man

cutting shapes

One of the first moves to conquer if you want to be able to cut shapes properly is, ‘The Running Man’.

However, since I’ve been learning this modern dance with my 10 year old daughter, I’ve come to understand why young children stick their tongue out when colouring and drawing. It somehow helps you to concentrate.

“What’s wrong with you? You look like you’re in pain.”

I ignore the remark coming from my other half who is having problems keeping his shoulders still, and focus on my sideways shuffle. I am trying to get my right foot to swivel while my left one hops behind it.

Not an easy task, but like I said in my previous blog, ย Cutting It Fineย I think I am doing really good, so I’m a little bit ** in denial.

The next swift leg move brings on my third hot flush of the day. As I wipe sweat of my brow, I ponder on how I got to be ‘a woman of a certain age’ so quickly.

Many would advise, “Do yourself a favour Love: sit down, relax in front the telly and watch Strictly Come Dancing. Much less strenuous me dear, ย and besides it’s more suited to your vintage than what these younguns are busting out.”

Oh no, no, no, no! Ballroom? **That’s for old people.


9 thoughts on “The Laughing Man

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  2. My wife and I like a little ballroom dancing, but we don’t get too many opportunities these days. We are far from being good at it but enjoy the idea that we can do it, even if we do look very klutzy in the process.


  3. I guess I’m old then, because when I see what “cut shapes” is like …. well, let’s just say that part of my brain has never really functioned! I find it amazing that people can be so co-ordinated and fast on their feet. Line dancing is as fast as I go, and even then I haven’t ever gotten past beginner. lol. Okay ….. so cut shapes does look a little bit “spazzy”, but I will be the first to say it takes a lot of skill to do it. I’m impressed, Sharon. Good for you, and it’s so nice that you’re doing that with your daughter too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Sharon … join me in the queue of ‘Folks who aren’t as bendy as the used to be’. It’s filled with the nicest of people mostly, and we take it in turns to bring cakes; biscuits and one of the chaps pours the drinks. It’s the only queue I like! lol. x

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