Cutting It Fine


I’ve been trying to cut shapes for weeks.

No, I’m not crafting without a guillotine, just attempting to do the latest hip ‘n trendy dance move which is commonly known as Shuffling or Cutting Shapes.

My excuse is it’s my form of exercise and there’s plenty of hot-footed teachers on YouTube eager to show me how to do it right.

As I shuffle barefoot across the living room carpet, my husband bites his tongue to stop himself bursting into hysterics.

“You look like you ‘re afflicted.”


“Like someone who’s suffering from severe arthritis.”

Of course I think I cut shapes just fine. But I am reminded there is a common phrase that explains this.

It’s called:

Being in denial.


9 thoughts on “Cutting It Fine

  1. Actually laughing out very loud here! Aww… I chuckled gently to myself as you told me you were cutting shapes and trying to do the latest dance thing … but when you told me that husband (Amwar? I hope I’m correct otherwise I’ve just given you another husband! eeek. lol) had said that you looked like you were “afflicted” … it was too much and I burst into big laughter at the picture inside my head, of the situation you were describing. Aww, tickled pink now.

    Sharon … I don’t think I’ll attempt to join you in your dancerize classes because then we really WILL see someone who looks afflicted! ROFL. I could always dance and move but haven’t had the chance to do it for donkeys years so haven’t had chance to check out if I could still do the moves. I just presumed I could still dance as well as I used to. That was until my grandson was in the kitchen with me and some music came on …. and I took hold of his hands and attempted to ‘cut some shapes’ as you put it. Oh. My. Stars! Someone had stolen my ability to dance when I wasn’t looking! How very dare they!

    All I was left with was the ability to bend ze knees and waggle the bottom from side to side like some old granny. …. …. ….. Oh wait! I AM some old granny! {gulp}

    I don’t think I’ll be trying that again in a hurry. I’ll leave it up to you spring chickens who can still cut the moves on the carpet! (Don’t get carpet burns on your feet mind!)

    Thanks for the giggles. ~ Cobs. x

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    • And now you’re making ME laugh! πŸ™‚ I have been sat here trying to post Part 2 but alas, doing a blog via your iphone is a test of the utmost patience. So I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to wait until the sun rises for the next installment. (Well done for remembering hubby’s name: Anwar xx)

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  2. Well, I applaud you for trying anyways! About three years ago, I tried doing Zumba (I think I got that right) and I felt pretty “afflicted” myself! All I can say is, at least you’re doing something! Good for you! πŸ™‚


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