It’s funny how we can misinterpret people’s words and actions.

I was at a work’s seminar, where employees from different bank branches had come together to be trained on a new computer system. During the break, I wandered across to the toilets with a couple of girls who I had only just met that morning.

My face was feeling hot and sticky, so I stopped by the mirror to run a powdered sponge across it.

The colour of the face powder was fairly pale compared to the shade of my skin, but as it was translucent and only served to dull excess shine, I had used it for years.

One of the white girls who had walked in with me was also applying something to her face; it looked like a bronzing powder.

“Oh isn’t that funny!” She exclaimed, “There’s me trying to look darker and you’re trying to look whiter!”

I cringed. My legs couldn’t move and neither could my tongue. I gazed back into the mirror, horrified. All I could see was that a once shiny face was now pleasantly matted, but my colour was definately the same.

“Does she really think I’m wanting to look white?” I pondered in embarrassment.

Looking back, this incident is a great memory for me. Owing to my shock, I never got round to explaining what my real intentions had been, even though every fibre of my being was on the defensive.

But it helps remind me that I have a habit of finishing people’s sentences in my head and wrongly assuming the motives behind the actions of others.

Iā€™m still in the process of learning to ask why before deciding that I know why.

That’s the great thing about being on WordPress. We all get to read without interrupting and we have the chance to ask why when we don’t understand. I’ve learnt so much from so many different people and I love it.