It was raining. No, pouring. Water from the sky was bouncing off the pavement so high that it felt like we were paddling in the sea.

But this was no beach. My husband Anwar and our ten year old daughter, Sarah were in our local town, heading for home. Anwar had decided to park what seemed like 3 miles away and now we had a long walk back to dryness and warmth.

“Well it was a good idea at the time.” he said, squinting through his blurred glasses.” I didn’t want to pay for parking so I left it by the college.”

Of course, true to this country’s climate, when my beloved had left the house to come and pick us up, the sun had been dancing around happily after it’s brief moment of victory in one of it’s regular fights with England’s clouds.

We ran along the pavement with our heads bowed, jumping over the large puddles that blocked our way. Sarah suddenly stopped, unable to keep up with the pace of her sprinting parents. Anwar said, “Jump on my back and I’ll carry you.”

Like a chimpanzee desperate for safety, she flew onto his back and clung on with all her might. As her dad trotted along, spine bent with the extra weight, she looked like an overgrown koala that had found the last standing eucalyptus tree.

I marveled at how she tucked her head inside her fluffy hood then rested it on her father’s shoulders so that her face could not be seen. The burden of having to run had been lifted. The terrible weather remained constant but she was suddenly warm, protected and being carried to her destination.

My heart was stirred.

As I followed behind, the father/child relationship made me think of our Creator and how he desperately wants to carry us when the journey gets too much. How he desires to lift us out of the storm and protect us from the cold wet splashes! But he also wants us to cling on and bury our heads in total surrender and trust just like Sarah was doing on that drippy morning.

As I learn to trust in my heavenly father more and more each day, I shall treasure this photograph and try to remember to do the same. Jump up and cling tight, as he holds me close and takes me across the swollen river of life.

May God bless you all

“Come to me all of you who are tired and have heavy loads and I will give you rest.”  (Matthew 11:28)