Why It’s Good To Eat Jam


danish pastry jam food photography

I am as excited as you!

The results of worldwide study into jellies, preserves and jams is interesting indeed.

Many big-wig researchers have discovered that eating good quality jams can help to:

  1. Provide energy and endurance during stress and exercise 
  2. Lower the blood pressure

So when you’re mad at someone, go get a scone – not to throw at them, but to gorge on. It will help calm you down and think more rationally.

Raging mad?

Ravaged by jealousy?

Incensed by unfair treatment?

Insulted by those words and offended by those actions?


“A foolish person quickly shows that he is upset. But a wise person ignores an insult.” ( Proverbs 12:16)

Easier to do with a mouth full of Victoria Sandwich Cake and even easier with God’s help. 


3 thoughts on “Why It’s Good To Eat Jam

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