A Little Bit Of Something You Love


oreo biscuit cake

Don’t be persuaded to sway from your strict diet.

If you need to count the calories, do so.

If you need to avoid the cake aisle and head towards the fruit, go ahead.

But get yourself a visual reminder of how great you feel when you are allowed a treat.

We all need something to celebrate and the pictures in the short video below are a reminder that it’s fun to laugh at yourself and wonderful to celebrate victories, no matter how small. Lost two pounds? Remember to celebrate with a slice of something you fancy.

***So go and eat your food and enjoy it. Drink your wine and be happy. It is all right with God if you do this. (Ecclesiastes 9:7)
*** The Bible does not encourage drunkenness and gluttony – but to appreciate the good things around us that God has given us to enjoy without going overboard!


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