Something To Calm Me Down


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Having dragged the heavy dining table from the recess into the centre of the living room, I decided it would be great to make more use of it.
(especially as I’m still feeling guilty that the ten-ton contraption broke it’s leg while I was independently transporting it)

It now wobbles precariously each time it’s leant against, my husband Anwar gives me one of those ‘I told you so! Why don’t you just leave things alone?’  looks.

So after dinner, I got out a pile of games and let  Anwar & Sarah choose.

Pictionary came out top so I hunted for pencil sharpeners while Sarah gathered some paper. Lots of it. This was going to be a serious family bonding session.

No mobile phones or tablets on the table. No temptation for us to wander off into our own little cyber worlds, just existing beside each other.

Here, sat upright and alert, we would have to face each other, laugh, talk, communicate and bond like superglue.

After a few rounds, it was evident that I was loosing badly. I was getting more and more cross. Anwar seemed to have no problem deciphering the scribbles of a ten year old, but when it came to mine, his mind would go blank and he’d say the first irrelevant thing that came into his head.

I was near explosion. My picture was Canada and as far as I was concerned, it was plain to see that I had drawn the world, popped in America, drew a line and shaped out Canada above it.

“Er… is it Australia?” said Sarah.

I frowned and jabbed my pencil into the paper in the vague area of where that country should be.

“North America?” said Anwar.

Ah, we were getting somewhere…so I thought.

I rapidly re-drew the border line between the two countries but alas, it made no difference, he just kept repeating the same thing.

Eventually, time was up and so was my gracious spirit and my coveted two points.

Me: “Couldn’t you see that I was pointing to the line? It’s obvious that’s the border to another country!”

Hubby: “Well I didn’t know.”

Me: “It’s obvious! What’s north of North America?”

Hubby: “I don’t know!”

Me: “You don’t know? What do you mean you don’t know! Everybody knows! Didn’t you ever do geography at school? Everybody knows that’s Canada! Look, I even drew the US flag in America!”

Hubby: “Oh, is that what it was…”

Me: “Of course! Look, stripes there and stars up there!”

Hubby: “It’s a bit small though, I couldn’t make it out.”

Me: “But it’s plain to see that’s Canada! It’s not as if I was drawing Turkmenistan is it?”

Hubby: “Okay okay, calm down, it’s only a game Miss Choleric.”

Me: “Huh!”

I slunk down in my seat feeling 5 years younger than Sarah and reluctantly resumed the game. This had been my fifth outburst in 7 minutes. In my peripheral vision, I could see Anwar laughing and muttering to himself,

“Who’s the child at the table?”

Later, after having apologised to my beloved family, I pondered the words in Proverbs. There are several mentions about how it is a fool who is quick tempered.

I hung my head in shame. If a silly game should rattle me so easily, how will I cope when I have real reason to be vexed?

If you too, fly off the handle over silliness, God invites you to do like me and ask him for a gentle spirit. Ask him too for wisdom instead of foolishness which belongs to those who can’t control their temper.

It will save us from a lot of trouble.




5 thoughts on “Something To Calm Me Down

  1. Wow! You and I are doing the same thing lately, it seems. I have written out about a dozen recipe cards with verses about how “we” use our words. I had an “incident” about a month ago, and even though I would love to blame hormones, fatigue and a 34 yr. duration of long suffering, there really is no excuse. I felt very ashamed of myself and am doing all I can to “change my words” or keep silent no matter how much I am aggravated by the other person. Life can be very challenging sometimes, can’t it? Hugging you, dear Sharon. Debbie xo


    • Yes indeed life can be challenging! Thank you for sharing your heart – we so often know what to do and don’t do it. But Paul was in the same boat so that is encouraging isn’t it? The tongue! How many times have we all been guided to read and re-read James?! I’m sure you are getting there and the very fact that you are so concerned about getting it right, is noticed by the Lord. He is very pleased with your heart and knows it is just because you are human why you get it wrong so many times. I am sorry to hear about the other suffering – maybe we should spell it ‘hormoans’ then maybe we’d have a better excuse! 🙂 Have a blessed day xx


  2. We like to play Telestrations. The more people the funnier it gets. What’s clearly obvious in one person’s mind isn’t always obvious to another. It seems to me that the more artistic a person is, the more confusing their sketch may be. They attempt to provide too much information maybe? I’m afraid that if I was at your game table I’d be laughing along with Anwar.
    Humility is one of the greatest attributes a person could ever hope to have. The ability to apologize and ask forgiveness is the evidence of God’s influence in your life and antidote to our just being imperfect humans. Great post!


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