Who’s Got Brokeback Mountain?


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I don’t want to be drifting from one subject to another. Neither do I want to be a writer that rants and finds fault everywhere I turn.

As humans, we are not very teachable and don’t take correction on board too well.

Like Adrian Plass once said in one of his hilarious poems,

“I hate criticism, especially the constructive sort because it means I’ve got to do something about it.”

But when our actions cause the hurt of others and that leads them away from Jesus, I find it hard to be silent.

Sin is one thing, but God never put us on this earth to judge. He asked us to gently point the way, but not to condemn.

When someone does something displeasing to God, how do we know the motive? Not everyone is out to deliberately offend their Creator and we must remember that the arrogant few we see on the media, are indeed ‘the few’. Hence most Muslims are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens who do not even own a backpack and most homosexuals aren’t gobbing-off about their rights.

We all need to remember as Christians that God is concerned about souls. It’s not our place to point the finger but to point people to Jesus. He is the only one who can help them but we can often hinder them from even seeing his shadow let alone his face.

So, it’s movie swap night at your church home group. Last month’s book review proved successful, so by Friday you should be snuggling up in front the television to watch a film that came highly recommended.

But you were landed with Brokeback Mountain. Feeling short-changed? Why? Insulted? Why? Not in your DVD collection – and offended by that question? Why?

I’m not joining the compromising priests by thinking its hip to make out that this practice is suddenly acceptable. I’m not trying to score points with the gay community to keep the peace either.

All I’m saying is, as Christians, we need to dig deep and scrutinize our attitudes and see if there are any contradictory ways about us that are making God scream, “You hypocrite!”

If we have got secular films gracing our racks other than The Sound Of Music, then it’s more than likely that they contain sex scenes where the couple are not married.

It doesn’t have to be 50 Shades’ it could be a comedy, like Bridget Jones’ Diary.

But oh dear, we can have weighted scales. We get all intolerant over one thing, while embracing another that is just as bad. Hence, our weights look different from God’s.

What I mean is, why do we cringe when a film portrays a gay relationship, but not when a movie shows an unmarried couple jumping in the sack? 99% of today’s love stories contain scenes of unmarital sex.

Despite the apparent immortality of James Bond, in reality Gonorrea should have snuffed him out long ago. But we expect to see him romancing a mysterious stranger and turn a blind eye because we like the plot and we love his gadgets.

And why is it supposedly romantic to see stiletto heels, scattered up the stairs followed by a trail of satin underwear on the floor leading to the bed, but sickening if the garments were two pairs of boxers?

I’m not meaning to be vulgar. It’s just that we pick and choose what is acceptable because we have allowed ourselves to become desensitized by the familiar.

While our Creator is lovingly telling us it’s harmful to engage in intercourse outside of his boundaries and blatantly called one act of disobedience sodomy, we are forgetting that at the same time, he also has a name for something else: fornication.

“Ooh!” Yes, both words sound horrible and judgemental and in this world, anyone using them are accused of being either prudish or nasty, But while God hates all sin, he loves the sinner, so no one needs to feel insulted any more than being called a gossip if we were talking behind someone’s back.

I guess we can’t all be lovers of soppy Janette Oke tales, but we can make more effort to guard what our eyes see. For that’s what goes deep into our spirit. And if we don’t want to do that, fine, but friends, let us at least then guard our attitudes.

So the next time we get together with friends to swap DVDs, if we like the man from MI5, the girl on the ‘Edge Of Reason’, and a thousand others, will we promise not to get offended if someone hands us Brokeback Mountain? No? Because it’s……..disgusting? Well sorry folks but God calls this hypocrisy. That doesn’t go down well with him either. In fact a man could be gay owing to insecurity, loneliness, and desperation for the love of a father he never had. Does our rejection of him improve his view of God as his heavenly father or make him shrink away from all things pertaining to Christianity?

So what do we need to do? Turn all our photos into rainbows?

No, we just need to stop scowling at lovesick cowboys unless we’re gonna do the same to the pregnant, ditzy blonde who hasn’t a clue who the father is.

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8 thoughts on “Who’s Got Brokeback Mountain?

  1. You make some very good points here, Sharon. It is far too easy to ignore our own blind spots and never anyone else’s. Bless you.


  2. You’re right Sharon, its easy to point fingers at other’s sin, not so much our own.
    I really don’t enjoy movies that rely on sexual encounters to take the place of good writing. They make me uncomfortable and I usually pass on watching them, although its hard to find a movie without some sort of sexual scene these days. My own personal hypocrisy is in action films containing violent scenes, displeasing to God as well but I enjoy them. Maybe the bigger problem isn’t so much what we see, but what we enjoy seeing. When we are entertained by what God calls sin, we are the offenders, not the movie.
    Hollywood produces what people will pay to see, maybe we’d better reflect Christ if we’d just stopped paying to see such things.


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