I watched a YouTube clip of Pakistani migrants getting off a dingy in Kos to join the myriad of Syrian refugees who were already there, awaiting help from the Greek authorities.

I wasn’t annoyed at their presence cluttering up this already over-crowded island. I am not very political minded about these issues either.

I also know that my mind cannot imagine what it’s like to see your neighbours and loved-ones tortured and murdered just because they refuse to join a radical regime.

But surely no matter what country you come from or what torment you’ve suffered, you were brought up to show respect for others? Especially if you’ve arrived in a foreign land from which you desperately need help?

These 8 men jumped off their vessel and just threw their life jackets into the sea. No-one thought to hold onto their heavy garments until they could find a bin.

I know they were exhausted and hot underneath all that padding, but please! That’s not the way to get sympathy. That’s not the way to treat a nation you have just entered. It’s rude and makes the already prejudiced feel justified in their hostility towards you.

Maybe it is just a few setting a bad example but I fear not, and it certainly doesn’t help the existing tension with the police and locals.

What do these people think will happen to the life jackets? Sink to the bottom, rot and disappear?

More likely they will float for miles and gather with the rest that were left on the shore on previous days. Clumping together until all you can see from the beach is a sea of orange.

It’s the children I feel sorry for. Whatever the adults do affects them.

Maybe these garment-slingers have become desensitized to the obvious because of their horrendous experiences?

Do you agree?

But if this behaviour is anything to go by, they may be needing those jackets again.