(I am aware that at time of posting, it may be hot and sunny and you’ll be thinking, “What’s she on about?” Nevertheless, I’m sure many of you will understand.)

These clothes have been on the washing line for three days and three moth-nibbling nights.

They are as sopping wet as they were when the rinse cycle first kicked in.

But the picnic blanket indicates a little lull in our ridiculously bad British summer weather.

Yes the sun came out for a short 2 hours and we sat on the damp grass trying to be grateful for the cloud’s momentary defeat.

1. I’m trying to see the funny side.
Is there one?

2. I’m trying to be thankful.
We live in a country void of destructive earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and drought.

3. I’m trying to keep a right perspective.
I’ve got my health. The sewers do not run past my front door.
There are no bombs going off outside. No bush fires in the garden.

4. I’m trying not to get depressed.
Up until 2 weeks ago, we were sporadically putting on the central heating. I’m still wearing woolly jumpers. The house is dark, the grass is sodden. The park is lonely and boring.

5. I’m trying not to be jealous.
Other countries have their fair share of natural disasters and acts of God, but their summer season does what it says on the can. They have a summer.

You know, I wonder if it’s because we are an ungrateful nation. As soon as a bit of warmth hits our arms we moan that it’s too hot. Why should God bless us if we are so whingey about a bit of sweat?

Yea, I know, that’s not a theory at all. I’m just trying to justify this disappointing season.

The only consolation I can come up with at present is that July’s washout has drowned out most of the wasps.

But it’s also drowned out my hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. I hoped for nice weather in May after our typical ‘drip, drip, drop little April showers’. Then in June we got the March winds. July was scary as on the last week of school, a third of the children were standing around the playground in the same coats they wore in December. The remaining quarter had blue lips.

Then came August. We planned a surprise trip to an adventure park for my daughter ‘s birthday and literally begged the Creator Of The Clouds for hot, hot sun. And…it was scorching! We were very thankful and amazed. But since then, everything’s gone back to how it was. So, *Elijah prayed for the rain to cease and it did. Maybe we should pray again?

No. I couldn’t bear listening to 3 years of grumbling frost-lovers, who complain at the slightest raise in temperature.

But then again, I can’t bear the thought that our pretty picnic blanket may never be used in 2015 again.

What should I do? Pray like a mad woman or give into a sick heart?

There is another option I guess…that’s for the next blog…Gratefulness And A Happy Heart
*1Kings 17